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Creativity, designing and making has always been a big part of education and our day to day work. From coming up with an idea when the photocopier breaks down to the most amazing block structures in Kindergarten creativity is all around us. As one of the many 21st skills needed in today's workforce, how can we foster creativity in our learners. Here is a collection of a few resources, models and ideas to add to your collection.

In the past, we heard about the "digital divide" between those who had access to technology and those who didn't. We are now seeing a new divide emerge - a Creative Chasm between those who passively consume and those who actively create. from the LAUNCH cycle

Quick Creative Prompts

Sometimes you are looking for a quick idea to build community or start designing. Check out the many resources on the Creativity Catapult site link below. You can search based on age level or time available to find the best activity.

#MakerEd: What is it?

We have heard a lot about Maker Education, Makerspaces, STEAM and STEM in the news recently. Even the premier and minister of science are advocating exploring science and technology. Everyone has a slightly different definition but I love how Seymour Papert defined it so succinctly.

Check out the presentation linked below for some resources and more details about making.

Last year we created some Pop Up Makerspaces for Joy Uniac's superintendency. You can find the resources and provocation posters below.

Bringing in Design Thinking

The structure of design thinking has been around for awhile. The opportunity to focus on the user and practice empathy as we design for their needs can allow us to connect our community building along with our expectations in science and beyond.

AJ Juliani and John Spencer published a book that breaks down the process in The Launch Cycle: A Design Thinking Framework for K-12 Students. I know some of our schools are already using the resource. Check out the overview below:

Sometimes the easiest way is to just jump in. Check out the following resources to help you dive in to design thinking.

Examples from our Classrooms

Share how you are making, creating, designing in your practice. Add your ideas to the Padlet below.


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