Natural Disasters by martina franck

Natural disasters are destroying houses, towns, and even cities. They have devastated families around the world and it is important that everyone is informed about what causes these terrible things and if we can help decrease the amount of them.

Most, but not all natural disasters are caused by the movement of tectonic plates underneath the earth’s surface. Tectonic plates are big slabs of solid rock that vary in size and contain both continental and oceanic crust. When these plates move, they grind against each other which causes a great amount of friction. This friction sends off seismic waves, which are very powerful and shake the earth's surface. These seismic waves are what cause earthquakes. Sometimes these waves even cause volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.

These are the different tectOnic plates on our planet

Other natural disasters, such as hurricanes, are being made more frequent because of air pollution and climatic changes. The air pollution causes climatic changes which travels to the Atlantic through the wind. Once the bad air is over the ocean, it causes hurricanes and stormy weather to form.

This is the destruction after a hurricane ripped through this town

According to Earth Times, “These [natural disasters] occur with the minimum amount of warning and include earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. They are difficult to predict and impossible to stop. All that can be done is to take appropriate action to limit damage and loss of life after they occur.” Also, Livescience stated, “The ‘dirty pollution’, it seems, can cause changes in the temperature of the Atlantic Ocean, which in turn drives the stormy activity.” These quotes prove that many natural disasters are caused by tectonic plate movement and air pollution/climate change.

These are different things that can happen after a natural disaster occurs

Natural disasters are terrible things that happen around the world. We can't do anything about them or prevent them, so the least we could do is be prepared and informed about these horrific events.


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