BEHIND THE SCENES AT IDROSCALO with Eugenio Marongiu and Adobe Stock

Eugenio Marongiu is a Adobe Stock Contributor known for his intimate, contemporary portraits. His background in photojournalism gives him a unique perspective on creating images that are authentic and reflect real life. Eugenio recently did a sports shoot in Milan featuring professional rowers for the Adobe Stock Premium collection. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the set.


The Idroscalo is an artificial lake in Milan, Italy that was originally constructed as a seaplane airport. It opened on 28 October 1930, in the heyday of seaplanes. When the use of seaplanes for passenger transport declined it became a recreational and sport facility.

"Canottaggio" Italian word for rowing. Its origins date back to Ancient Egyptian times. It is based on propelling a boat on water using oars.

"I have been shooting photography since 2008. In 2011, I graduated with a masters of Photography CFP Bauer Academy Milano, where I grew my technical knowledge and focused on historical /conceptual on photography. After my diploma I worked in photojournalism for two years and at the same time I started to work on some personal projects and discovered the stock market". Eugenio Marongiu

Eugenio worked with five professional athletes and followed them throughout their normal training routine in order to get the most natural and realistic images. He captured them preparing their gear, stretching in preparation for practice, rowing in the water, and after training.

We spoke with Eugenio about his journey into the stock photography industry and his process behind crafting captivating images: “When I produce images I try to go further, I try to find new solutions to have unique and recognisable photos. Most of the time I work with natural light. This allows me more freedom, always searching for a different perspectives, working with the light of the moment. I also have great time with the models; I have fun doing my job I know that it will be appreciated, and so I just let my creativity flow.”

“Working with professional athletes can be interesting from a variety of points of view. To tell their story I lean on my reportage skills, documenting the many aspects of their day. Then there is the anthropological side; I get to find out about fascinating, technical and human aspects of their training, which is how I come to fully appreciate the art of their sport, of which I would never really have known. Finally, I grasp the personality and the humanity of these individuals who dedicate themselves to their specific sports discipline.”


The finished images from Eugenio’s shoot at Idroscalo are available in his Adobe Stock Portfolio now.


Special thanks to Eugenio Marongiu, his assistant Angela Albanese, the athletes, and the Idroscalo association, especially to Luca Banfi, who made this shoot possible.

See more inspiring images from Idroscalo in Eugenio’s Adobe Stock Portfolio

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