Resurrection: As a Personal Encounter: by dhaval rawal

"Why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?"-John 20:15

These words were spoken by Jesus to Mary Magdalene when He first appeared to her after resurrection. Mary misunderstood Him as a gardener and replies Him that somebody has taken away the body of Jesus Christ. This was the first encounter of Mary and she didn't recognise Him at first sight. But when Jesus uttered "Mary", she was convinced that it was Him only. Her saviour, Her Rabbi.

Jesus appeared to Mary for the first time

Resurrection & it's importance in Christianity

  • The fundamental pillars of Christian faith lies in the Passion, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Remove any one of these pillars and the foundation crumbles. None of the three exists independently; they are interdependent on each other.
  • The Resurrection of Jesus is mentioned in all four canonical gospels of the New Testament. Each of them speaks the same event that Jesus was crucified and He rose from the dead on third day. This event shows triumph of life on death and has become the foundational stone of Christianity

Resurrection:As a personal Encounter of the Believer

While I was in the Church this Easter and listening to Bishop's sermon on the gospel accounts of Resurrection; one thing stuck with me. He said that though all gospels speak the same thing on Resurrection of Christ; None of the gospels talks about its time at which He rose from the dead. And this still remains a mystery. There is no account of the time when the stone rolled and when the tomb got empty. All that we know is that He resurrected on third day after crucifixion.

Peter first went inside and found the tomb empty. He then went to spread the message. Jesus first appears to Mary Magdalene. All other appearances occur at different times to believers and disciples alike; in the upper room, at the shore of Sea of Galilee and so on.

Gradually the disciples and common people of Jerusalem believed that He had indeed risen. But still the question remains unanswered "When (precise time) Jesus actually resurrected?"

And the answer lies in the heart of believers who saw Him. He was only risen to those who saw and experienced him personally in flesh and blood. He was only risen to those who validated Resurrection by touching His wounds and feeling His side.

Thomas verifying Jesus' wound

So What Does Resurrection Actually Mean for Today's Believer?

Jesus is still not resurrected for many people because they don't believe in Him. Resurrection is not merely a physical phenomenon, but it's a spiritual transformation. It is in fact a life transforming event at a personal level. Jesus Resurrects in the heart of the person only when he believes.

Hence Resurrection is a personal and intimate event. No book or gospel can do justice to it. It can only be experienced. And thus Easter is not a mere day which records this event, but it can be any regular day when a person starts believing in Jesus Christ. From that very day He lives in the heart of the believer.

Believe in Jesus Christ and He will Resurrect this very time in your heart

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