The Ancient Spartans were an amazing and strong group of solders. They have inspired many people around the world because of their accomplishment of impossible. The purpose of this battle between the 300 Spartans and the Persians was to defend themselves from the control of the Persians. The Spartans used very deadly tactics and heavy duty weapons. Despise the amount of Persians they defended themselves just enough. They killed approximately 20,000 Persians and the result was a victory for the Persians but they fought valiantly.

The Spartans had amazing weapons but the main defending weapon they used was the shield. The shield was made of mostly wood and then covered with a coating of metal. Once in battle the Spartans would use the shields for defending and stunting. The shield were huge and they weighed approximately 30 pounds. This was perfect for pushing and bashing the enemy and once stunted they would kill the enemy with their spear.

The Spartans are very famous for their act of bravery. All across the world they are known for their accomplishment. They are so famous that a movie was made in memory of them. The movie is named "300 Spartans".

The second most important piece of a hoplite’s equipment behind his shield was his Corinthian style helmet. Usually forged out of a single piece of bronze it completely covered the head with good protection leaving only two eye slits open giving it an ominous appearance. A felt padded cap was worn underneath for comfort. There were no holes for the ears so hearing was difficult.

All over the world many people dress up as Spartans to show there strength. The Spartans are described as very muscular, tough, and inspiring. To represent their personalities many people like to dress up like them.


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