The Hunt For Treasure Sometimes the greatest treasures are found in the most unexpected of places.

Meet Forrest!

Not long ago, Forrest, a man who few people knew about, decided to do something special.

He was concerned that people did not appreciate nature enough.

Do you think Forrest is right?

What do you think of this picture?

Forrest believed that if we learn to appreciate the beauty of our natural environment we will be able to protect it better.

That's exactly how Judaism views our role towards the environment.

We are called to be its guardians and protectors. (Genesis 1:28, 2:15)

So Forrest had an idea!

He took a treasure chest and filled it with gold... really ... this is a true story!

He filled the chest with lots and lots of gold...

Then Forrest took the chest and hid it in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Where do you think Forrest hid the treasure?

What is the most beautiful place you have ever been to?

Forrest hid the treasure in the Rocky Mountains. If you've never been there, watch this video for a taste of what it's like.

Forrest wanted people to search for his treasure.

But he also wanted people to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Forrest understood that even though people might not find the hidden treasure chest full of gold.

They would still discover other treasures.

Perhaps people would find treasures hidden (or in plain sight) within nature itself.

Like this mountain.

Or incredible wildlife.

Or this breathtaking lake.

Let's rewind a little bit...

A long long time ago...

There was a Jewish king named Solomon. He was considered the wisest King of all and he lived in the city of Jerusalem.

He taught us to seek treasures that exist in our natural environment.

He said, "Go to the ant… see its ways and grow wise.” (Proverbs 6:6)

What can we possibly learn from an ant? What do you think King Solomon meant?

Here's a great video of some of the amazing things we can learn from the world of ants.

King Solomon teaches us that in addition to protecting and enjoying nature, we also need to observe, watch and learn (or grow wiser) from the natural world.

What's your favorite animal?

What can you learn from watching your favorite animal?

So what do you think of the ant now?

The story of Forrest doesn't end here.

Recently, Forrest's treasure was found!

More importantly, Forrest inspired thousands of people to get out to experience the beauty and uncover the treasures of the natural world.

What a great story! Do you want to go on your very own treasure hunt?

Here's an activity you can do in your home or any outdoor spot of your choosing to discover the beauty of your surroundings.

Have Fun!


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