Art Portfolio By: isaBella Lasky

Sketch Book Cover

Materials: blank paper, black sharpies, notebook binding.

Technique: for this project I had hand drawn everything, using shapes and line patterns as inspiration.

Skeleton Painting + doodle stone

Materials: paints, sharpies, markers and a stone.

Technique: For this project I drew the skull onto the stone, and then painted the Skelton with many bright colors used in the background.

Doodle Stone sketch

Materials: pencil and colored pencils.

Technique: I drew this piece as the plan for my doodle stone.

Warm/cool color chart

Materials: paper, paints, and pencil.

Technique: For this project I painted small rectangles of color, the under I wrote whether I thought the color was a warm or cool color.

Paper "stained glass" color wheel

Materials: black paper, colored tissue paper, and color wheel labels.

Technique: For this project I experimented with only using the primary colored tissue paper to make the colors on the color wheel.

Reductive egg drawing

Materials: paper, pencils with different color variations, and a shading blender.

Technique: For this project I drew an egg from looking at real life version of it.

Mystery bag drawings

Materials: bag, protracter, pencil.

Technique: For this project I drew the first protracter by just using my hands to touch it inside the bag, for the second protracter drawing I drew that while looking at the object.

Warm Mono Print
Ghost Warm Mono Print
Cool Mono Print
Ghost Cool Mono Print
Warm/Cool Mono Print
Ghost Warm/Cool Mono Print

Materials: paints, easy cut stamp.

Technique: For this project I painted the prints then stamped most with my easy cut stamp.


Created with images by Mae Chevrette - "brushes"

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