A Teen’s Guide to Online Freelancing: How Virtual Gigs Helped Me Pay for My School Expenses BY AMAN ASHRAF

August 29 2020

In a perfect world, we would all have the resources and financial stability to receive a quality education and meet all our other basic needs. However, that is not our reality. All around the world, students struggle to complete their education and provide for themselves due to economic barriers. Luckily, with the magic of the internet, anyone with internet connection has access to endless opportunities to make money, regardless of their age.

My name is Aman Ashraf, and I am a 16 years old freelancer from Pakistan. Through freelancing, I have been able to harness the powers of the internet to pay for not just my school fees, but all of my expenses. My freelance gigs have even led to a permanent job as a manager and editor at a media company. Now that I have found my own financial independence, I am determined to help other teenagers do it too.

Aman Ashraf

How I Got Started:

Because I studied computer science in school, I had marketable skills in data entry, virtual assistant work, voice over, professional video editing and much more. Therefore, I looked for online jobs in those areas.

I signed up for sites such as freelancer.com and began creating gigs. However, after two months of contacting people and making gigs, I had gotten no orders. I was very disappointed by that point and convinced myself that there was no way I would be able to get any work without a professional degree.

I Started to Get Work:

After 4 months, I signed in to check my messages and saw that someone had contacted me for some data entry work. I contacted them to ask if they still needed my services but unfortunately they had hired someone else. However, this message motivated me to try freelancing again. After 13 days, someone asked me to do some sort of copy/paste work. They offered me $30 for it. I immediately got started, and afterwards they gave me a 5 star rating and a very good review. This review helped me get new orders, and suddenly I was making a substantial amount of earnings.

My Success:

I started to get 9-10 orders every month with good pay. Some of my customers even wanted to work with me permanently, and I started to work with them on a weekly and monthly basis. I also got a lot of work experience and developed my skills further. Eventually, my freelancing led me to my current job, where I get paid very well. I am still doing some small projects, which I am getting paid for separately.

My freelancing career has brought me opportunity, independence, and freedom, as I am now able to rely on my own income sources to receive an education. Furthermore, the fact that my job is online enables me to divide my time between my studies and work.

Plan Your Life:

As teenagers, we have the energy and power to do anything we want. With education and financial stability, our opportunities are endless. Find the opportunities that excite you and go for them! And don't forget to use technology as your resource; it has so much more to offer teens than just video games and internet surfing.


I am here to help young adults and teens start their online jobs, and I am happy to provide you with training. You can contact me here: amanashraf.67@gmail.com

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