South Africa The wonderful land where nature and civilization meet

cape Town, Western cape is home yo some of the most breathtaking beaches.

More things to enjoy at the breathtaking scenery of Cape town.

Johannesburg has a very strong economy and is home to fun-filled activities and festival.

The Table Mountain Cableway is an exclusive way to get a uninterrupted view of the land

These are just some of the other things to do here
Some of the animals you might see on a safari

come to Robben Island an it's harsh past and learn how this island is now a island of triumph.

Come to Blyde River Canyon to see it's adventurous hikers making their way to the other side.

Tired of seeing what you expect to see then come to the water where everything is unexpected.

think you are brave then we dare you to come to Bloukrans Bungee and Bungee jump 250 meters down a bridge then back up.

oooooohhhhh ahhhhhhh pretty flowers

come one come all and see if you can hike up Dragon's Mountain and see if you can find the mythical beast.

South Africa's currency is rand and 100 rands here equals 7.42$ US.

This may look like a hole but it is actually a operating diamond mine that is a scary 840 meters.

The Zulu are expert healers and over 80% of the people that come here are visitors

Rock art has been around for centuries but no matter how long it has been it still appeals to our senses.
come and see one of the only things important here the pervasive and luscious forest

you can just look at this exquisite cuisine and taste it.

WHAT IS THAT BIG FELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ready to relax then go to hop on an hot air balloon and enjoy the scenery.

There is only one thing that could make this trip extraordinarily fun for you and your family go on it.

Created By
Jackson Olsen


Created with images by D-Stanley - "Camps Bay" • vanderje - "dias point lighthouse cape point nature reserve" • nealstrydom9 - "sunset sunset skies clouds" • Pexels - "cape town ocean sea" • Vigneswar Raj - "When setting sun showed some anger towards fighting clouds..." • atlanticstorm (Christopher_Griner) - "Table Mountain Aerial Cableway - Cape Town, South Africa" • André-Pierre - "Cape Town International Jazz Festival" • slgckgc - "Roses" • flowcomm - "Port Elizabeth" • designerpoint - "leopard wildcat big cat" • Joe Turco - "Safari 522" • David Berkowitz - "Zebra - Serengeti National Park safari - Tanzania, Africa" • HowardWilks - "giraffe kenya animal" • raddougall - "Botswana 2009" • ZimZamZulu - "africa wildlife nature" • South African Tourism - "Robben Island - Cape Town, South Africa" • fifikins - "Blyde River Canyon" • regan76 - "Snorkeling (#2527)" • cocoparisienne - "bridge high bridge piers" • fionar - "protea flower flora" • Clint Mason - "Thirsty" • GOC53 - "Flowers on Table Mountain" • Clint Mason - "20141130 02" • jurvetson - "African Dreams" • Iqbal Osman1 - "South African Currency , rands" • Redkite - "kimberley diamond mine" • RonPorter - "stick fight zulu dancers hide shields" • blachswan - "Rock Art" • sridgway - "Rock Art" • Bird Brian - "DSC_6073" • Meraj Chhaya - "Garden Route South Africa-86" • South African Tourism - "Knysna Forest - Garden Route, South Africa" • dany13 - "IMG_9185/Ile Maurice/South Part/Chamarel Water Falls/Black River National Park/" • Happy Krissy - "Goat 1" • James St. John - "Burning Tree Mastodon excavation (mid-December 1989), Burning Tree Golf Course, Heath, east-central Ohio 12" • ricketyus - "Hot Air Balloons" • Ajithpoison - "Elephant"

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