''Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.? by Bonnie Bader November/December 2016 AR Biography Activity

''Many people listened to his words and joined his nonviolent fight. Martin Luther King, Jr., fought using his words, not his fists.'' (p.2)

Based upon the context clues, the word "nonviolent" means to be not violent or to fight back with fist.

"As he grew up, Martin decided to fight for change. But it was a peaceful fight. Martin led marches. He banded people together in protest." (p.2)

Based on the context clues, the word "marches" means a group of people together forming a protest.

"Martins mother, Alberta Williams King, was a very soft-spoken women and easy going. Her father was a well known minister." (p.5)

Based on context clues, the word "minister" means a priest or a reverian.

''He weight about 220 pounds and he was filled with self-confidence."(p.6)

Based on context clues, the word "self-confidence" means to never let anyone get you down about yourself.

"A sharecropper is a farmer who does not own his own land. Instead, he works on another farmer's land and gets some of the crops for himself."(p.6)

Based on context clues "sharecropper" means to share land for work and crops.

" It was his duty as a christian to love everyone."(p.8)

To believe in Jesus and to be a "Christian" who loves everyone.

"As a minister, Martin could speak out against segregation.''(p.15)

Based on context clues the word "segregation" means to fight against people who do wrong.

"His words not only touched the members of the congregation but his father as well"(p.15)

Based on context clues the word "congregation" means a group of people.



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