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Mini's Gastro Pub

Promo Description: Mini's Gastro Pub

Mini's Gastro Pub is the place to be for on trend foodies who don't want to break the bank. Located near Empress plaza, it boasts a cozy interior with an authentic wood burning fire in the middle of the lounge area. Guests can grab a quick drink, or stay for a full course meal. Open 10-9 weekly and 10-12 on weekends, Mini's offers an array of finger foods from Mini's 'Mini' sliders to deep fried pickles. Locals love it with one happy customer claiming "I could go here everyday of the week!" With a great menu selection, perfect atmosphere, and fantastic prices, you won't have a hard time deciding where to head out this Friday night.




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For my restaurant I was assigned "Mini's Gastro Pub". This meant I was gonna have to do some research because I had no clue what a "Gastro Pub" was. After some web surfing I concluded it was a small, hip, upscale bar and eatery which attracted trendy youth. Afterwards the design process became quite simple. I knew to keep it clean and effective. I gravitated towards illustrations for the logo, at one point drawing a young woman's face with the restaurant title around her but I decided that I should keep the logo to text instead of drawings. After all my initial thumbnails I had narrowed it down to the final 3; I felt that the other two I had narrowed it down to might not be stylish enough for the restaurant so I went with the large "G" choice. Then I got to work creating it in Adobe Illustrator. I kept it black and white to keep with the modern, trendy theme, and so that in a few years it would still look classy. After finishing the "G" i went in with a minimalistic serif font, so as to not clash or distract from the simple aesthetic of the "G". Inspiration wise, I love the look of round or curved logos so I think that's why I made the circular "G" the focal point of the logo. Overall I'm extremely happy with the way it turned out; I think to my surprise it looks quite professional. I've learned from this project that it's not a bad thing to keep my designs minimalistic; the most famous ones happen to be minimalistic! Reflecting on my first project, I had done a complicated hand with bold colours and I think this one looks far better as it's easier on the eyes and definitely easier to remember. I've learned from this project that it's not a bad thing to keep my designs minimalistic; (the most famous ones happen to be minimalistic!) and to step outside my comfort zone. It was hard to not do another image based logo like last time but by doing a minimalistic text one it turned out far better.

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