The electromagnetic Spectrum By: Jacob Mallory

The electromagnetic spectrum is a everlasting continuum of electromagnetic waves arranged according to frequency and wavelength.

One example of it.

Frequency and wavelength are related by the Wave equation. AV=C. A is wavelength, V is frequency, and C is the speed of light. The number of wave crests passing a certain point is dependent on the wavelength. The higher the wavelength, the lower the frequency.

  1. Radio Waves- a electromagnetic wave that is used for sending data over long distances and has the longest wavelength. Wavelength range is a foot to several miles long. Frequency is 300GHz to 3KHz.
  2. Microwaves- shorter wavelength than the radio wave, used for transmitting information, cooking, predicting weather, etc. Frequency is from 100cm to 0.1cm. Wavelength range is a 1 meter to 1 millimeter.Microwaves can penetrate clouds, rain, smoke, for communication.
  3. Infrared- is classified sometimes from "near" infrared to "far" infrared. Near infrared is closer to visible light and far infrared is farther away from visible light. Near is used for like TV remotes and far is used to detect heat. Wavelength is 1 millimeter to 750nm. Frequency is 430-300THz.
  4. Visible Light-the wavelengths that can be see by the human eye. Frequency is 430-790THz. Wavelength range is 390-700nm.
  5. Ultraviolet Rays-comes from the sun and can cause sunburns. We are protected from ultraviolet rays from the ozone hole/layer. Some insects can see ultraviolet rays. Wavelength range is 380-10nm.
  6. X-rays-can penetrate soft tissue and muscle. Used to see people's x-rays. To see past the skin to the bone. Wavelength range is 0.01nm to 10nm.
  7. Gamma Rays-shortest wavelength and the shorter it is the energy increases. Used in treating cancer and in medicine. Wavelengths more of 10 picometers and frequency of 10 Hz.
ultraviolet rays come from the sun.


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