#CANisius Diversity to form unity


The class of 11-Canisius has their own variety when it comes to sports. To things such as Swimming to Volleyball, all the way to Basketball and Frisbee. A few well known names such as Abai Llenos of Volleyball team, Raja Gusi of the Ateneo Juniors Basketball Leauge, Suzanne Himor of the Ateneo Swimmming Team, Dylan Martinez of the track and field team, Chio Reyno of the Loyola United Handball Team, and also Patricia Almira, Ben Libatique, and Jude Sabio of the Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion.

Abai Llenos | Volleyball Varsity

In terms of sporting competitions, the class’ individual members have already set record and placing such as Suzanne Himor’s new record for the 200 meter butterfly event, Michael Gerochi’s Bronze placing for the 81 kilogram judo event, and many more. Despite these well-known athletes, the entire class is athletically inclined whether it be playing Volleyball during PE, all the way to playing Frisbee during their free time.

Suzanne Himor | Swim Varsity

In one way or another, each person excels in atleast one type of sport, and this is just another reason why the class of 11 – Canisius is so diverse, and unique. The class of 11-Canisius is truly diverse in terms of sports activities, and through this they are more unified as a class.


Canisius is definitely which knows aesthetic. The class is packed with all types of artists who are masters of various mediums. Deji Eclarin, for example, is an approved master of portraits, whether the medium be graphite, water color, acrylic, or digital art. Juliana Nicdao, aside from being a pianist, knows landscapes and sceneries like the back of her palm, and is a loyalist to anything and everything water color.

A Portrait of Frieda Kahlo | Deji Eclarin | Artist

Ange Tuazon, although quite humble about her talent, is a low key genius when it comes to both orthodox and unorthodox sketches. Last but not least, Elise Ofilada, an award winning literary artist with a one in a million type of talent; skilled in poems, essays, and basically anything literary, it wouldn't be a surprise to Canisius to see her win another prestigious award in the near future.

La'ila'i (A Collaboration) | Juli Nicdao and Ange Tuazon | Artists


As if to match the harmonious ties within the class, several performance prodigies exist within the walls of the Canisius class. From instrumental geniuses to vocally versed legends to confident holders of the dancefloor, the class is nowhere near lacking any type of melodic nor motional prowess. The class has members of Dulaang Sibol and Il Voce, two musical organizations which specialize in theatre arts and religious choir respectively. Patricia Almira and Wyanet “Bits” Alcibar, are Canisius’ pride of Il Voce, while Julia Santiago is the renowned member of Dulaang Sibol. Additionally, when it comes to the celebrated vocal talents of Canisius, it is impossible to not mention their brilliant moderator, Ryza Martinez, who is a member of the prestigious Ateneo choir, Hangad.

Furthermore, the musical talent doesn’t stop there! Canisius is also packed with skilled instrumentalists; Juliana Nicdao, the irrefutable prodigy of the piano, the guitar, and the arts; Chio Reyno, the multi-skilled athlete, who excels in guitar, cajon, and the piano; Raja Gusi, the basketball player gone musician who plays the guitar and cajon; and Patricia Almira, the amazing singer whose ukelele skills are also undeniably on point. These instrumentalists add to the pride and joy of the class, and unite everyone through their lighthearted musical banter and melodic unity.

Canisius isn't only limited to musical performers, however, but literal performers too. Anton Martinez, Vianca Perez, and Emman Mariazeta are members of Canisius, as well as the Ateneo organization, Indayog ng Atenistang Kabataan (IndAK), which is an elite dance group known for both their competition dancing, as well as their school-wide performances. These dancers definitely complete the performing trinity of the class, and prove that Canisius is a class that is well-versed in anything of or relating to performing.


Class of Canisius during Hiraya | Jan 29, 2017

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