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Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford-Upon-Avon (upper left). Shakespeare (upper right). Globe theater (bottom).

William Shakespeare had many siblings and he was raised near London. He went to grammar school. "William was born the third of eight children." In "a market town about one hundred miles northwest of London." "William attended grammar school, where he studied Latin grammar, Latin literature, and rhetoric" (Anderson). Growing up with 7 other children must have been very difficult. The Latin grammar school must have been very difficult to go through because of how strict they are.

Shakespeare's family was part of the middle class. He went to grammar school where he learned Latin. Where he lived as a child always had activities which is where he got all his entertainment from. His poems expressed his love for nature and the country life. "Shakespeare’s parents belonged to what today would be called the middle class." "Beginning at about the age of 7, William probably attended the Stratford grammar school with other boys of his social class." "The students chiefly studied Latin, the language of ancient Rome." "In addition, holidays provided popular pageants and shows." "Shakespeare’s poems and plays show a love of nature and rural life" (Lander). His family was from the middle class so they were not poor nor rich although Shakespeare's father has financial problems at the end of his life. There would always be entertainment to distract him from all his studies from school. His love for nature and that kind of life is caused by growing up in a town surrounded by forests and fields.

Shakespeare's birthplace was a market town in Stratford-on-Avon. His house was kept as a memorial. "Stratford-upon-Avon is a quiet English market town famous as the birthplace of William Shakespeare. It is the largest town in the district of Stratford-on-Avon. The house where Shakespeare probably was born has been kept as a memorial" (Mounfield). It is quite honorary to have a memorial made for you. Shakespeare was definitely a very important person in history.

Shakespeare got a license to marry and he had a few children. There is a period of 7 years that it is unknown of Shakespeare's activity. "On Nov. 27, 1582, Shakespeare received a license to marry Anne Hathaway," "The birth of their first child, Susanna, in May 1583 came only six months after marriage." "Early in 1585, Anne gave birth to twins, Judith and Hamnet." " Scholars have referred to the period between 1585 and 1592... as the 'lost years'" (Lander). The marriage license means that Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway. The child that came so soon was probably the reason to why they got married. The missing years in Shakespeare's life was probably because we do not have any journals accessible to us from that time.

Romeo and Juliet was one of his best works. "Romeo and Juliet is a famous tragedy written by English playwright William Shakespeare. The play was probably first performed in 1596 and was first published in 1597." "The story of Romeo and Juliet has inspired a number of other artistic works." "Instead, the play draws attention to the violence and aggressiveness that shape the adult world of the feuding aristocratic families" (Seidel). Romeo and Juliet is usually what Shakespeare is known for most. It is one of the greatest plays in history.

Shakespeare created many things. All of these works have been translated into many other languages. His plays are still performed all over the planet. "Shakespeare wrote at least 38 plays, two major narrative poems, a sequence of sonnets, and several short poems. His works have been translated into a remarkable number of languages, and his plays are performed throughout the world" (Lander). Shakespeare obviously did a lot of literature work throughout his life. They have made it all across the globe.

Shakespeare was many things throughout his life he lived from 1564 to 1616. He was the best at what he did. "Shakespeare, William (1564-1616), was an English playwright, poet, and actor. Many people regard him as the world’s greatest dramatist and the finest poet England has ever produced" (Lander). This could go in the beginning with a list of hobbies and occupations. This is very similar to another note card, but more general.

Someone was saying bad things about Shakespeare. Shakespeare made his own company and did poetry. "Greene’s Groats-Worth of Wit Bought with a Million of Repentance, a pamphlet published after Greene’s death in 1592, contains a harsh reference to Shakespeare." "After arriving in London, Shakespeare began an association with one of the city’s repertory theater companies." "From mid-1592 to 1594, London authorities frequently closed the theaters because of repeated outbreaks of plague. Without the income provided by acting and playwriting, Shakespeare turned to poetry." "Venus and Adonis became the first of Shakespeare’s works to be published" (Lander). The pamphlet of hate on Shakespeare means that they probably had a rivalry. Shakespeare must have been very determined to succeed if he made a company. He moved to poetry and created his first poem.

Shakespeare wrote many plays a year for his company, but not many people appreciated them. "In addition to his duties as a sharer and actor in the Lord Chamberlain’s Men, he wrote an average of almost two plays a year for his company." "Few people gave Shakespeare the praise that later generations heaped on him." "There they used the old timbers to erect a new theater called the Globe Theatre" (Lander). Shakespeare definitely spent a lot of time creating plays for his company. Not many people liked his work, but he was determined to become successful. The Globe theater was probably created so that more people could watch the plays.

The new king of England helped the company become the best theatrical group. "James enjoyed and actively supported the theater. He issued a royal license to Shakespeare and his fellow players, which allowed the company to call itself the King’s Men." "The King’s Men achieved unequaled success and became London’s leading theatrical group." "In 1609, a London publisher named Thomas Thorpe published a book called Shakespeare’s Sonnets. The volume contained more than 150 sonnets that Shakespeare had written over the years" (Lander). The king must have been really interested in theater. It was because of the king that the theatrical group became so popular. The book published with all the sonnets most likely was used to predict parts of Shakespeare's life.

Shakespeare bought a house in London and he died soon after his daughter's wedding. "Shakespeare purchased a house in the Blackfriars district of London in 1613." "By 1612, Shakespeare had become England’s most successful playwright." "On Feb. 10, 1616, Shakespeare’s younger daughter, Judith, married Thomas Quiney, the son of his Stratford neighbor Richard Quiney. Six weeks later, Shakespeare revised his will. Within a month, he died. He was buried inside the Stratford parish church. His monument records the day of death as April 23, the generally accepted date of his birth" (Lander). Shakespeare, unfortunately, died on his birthday, but he managed to become one of the most influential people in history.

The Royal Shakespeare Company works to present Shakespeare's plays. "Royal Shakespeare Company is an English theater organization dedicated to presenting the plays of William Shakespeare and other playwrights of his time, modern classical dramas, and new works. The company, also known as the RSC, performs at its own theater at Stratford-upon-Avon, England, Shakespeare's birthplace. The company also stages plays in London. It ranks among the leading theater ensembles in the world" (World Book). The RSC really helps keep Shakespeare's play alive so that they could never be forgotten.


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