The Case O f The Too Hot Apple Cider

Ominous, a sigh that something bad is going to happen. (syn)Threatening, Menacing

I noticed these OMINOUS clouds.

Confound, To surprise or confuse someone. (syn) Confuse, Bewilder

This kid is very CONFOUND.

Miserable, For a person to feel uncomfortable and unhappy. (syn) Uncomfortable, Unhappy

This man is very MISERABLE.

Gracious, For someone to be pleasant and polite. (syn) courteous, sociable

Beams, For someone to be grinning (syn) smie

This emoji Beams with joy>

Self-assurance, To be confident in your self. (syn) confidence

This boy has a lot of self-assurance

Monitor, To regularly check something. (syn) watch, observe

These computors are MONITORING the web-site.

Exposed, For something to be uncoverd. (syn) uncover

They are getting ready to EXPOSE precious ores.

Installed, To make something ready for use. (syn) connect, fit

They are INSTALLING the roof.

Looming, For something to be likely to happen soon. (syn) threaten

When she felt her tooth ach she knew going to the dentist was LOOMING,


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