The Indart Act The Dawes Act: revised


I understand that there have been problems between the two of us. Us being the American government and the Native Americans. We have been greedy, both with land and the resources on the land, and that has created a fear of both each other, and of possible violence between us at any given moment. I, Senator Indart of the United States Senate, am writing to you in an attempt to work out those problems and find ways that will work best for both of us.


"Then a shot was heard from among the Indian tepees. An Indian was blamed; the excitement began; soldiers ran to their stations; officers gave orders to open fire with the machine guns into the crowds of innocent men, women, and children, and in a few minutes more than two hundred and twenty of them lay in the snow dead and dying." (Flying Hawks recollections of Wounded Knee)

Wounded Knee. The Dawes Act. An attempt at a solution for the settlers moving west that was resulted from the Battle at Wounded Knee, did nothing good, the only thing that it managed to do was create even more friction between the Natives and the white man. Only furthering the problem of fear and prejudice between the Natives and the white men. Natives didn’t believe in land ownership and making them own land was almost offensive. Let alone selling their land to white settlers, furthering the problem of settlers moving west and crowding out the natives and all. Leading to pushing the natives into reservations, which is another failed solution.


The idea of using the Dawes act to move Native Americans off of their land to get the gold wasn’t a good idea and led to worse problems, the white settlers then moved west, and the aggressions all were problems that went together. All because of the greed of the settlers. I propose we do another Dawes act(ish), except the roles are reversed. The white men keep their existing east land but, the land to the west belongs to the natives and they can create reservations for the white settlers. Along with an additional middle, neutral land where the two of us can live together. The settlers have to get permission from the tribes that control any land that they want to either live or gather resources on that’s outside the reservations. I propose to call it “The Indart Act”. The Tribes can have a set of reps in congress and our government from each of them.

Red- native land, pink- neutral, grey- white land

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Literally only the Flying hawk recollection of Wounded Knee and what I've learned in class

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