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"TEN STARS ACROSS THE BOARD!!! My originator was Ryan Holmes. Ryan was a pleasure to work with. From our initial conversation, he demonstrated a wealth of knowledge and helped make the process of securing my home mortgage loan as easy as possible! I would recommend Ryan with Homestate to any/everyone. Honestly, I shopped my mortgage and at the end of the day, he was able to offer a GREAT deal. However, I chose to work with Ryan because of his character and integrity above all else." - J. Perry

"I had an extremely unique set of circumstances and was in the process of selling and buying a new home, trying to navigate financing options. Ryan was hands down the best lender that I spoke with when figuring out who I wanted to work with. It was evident that Ryan knew what he was doing and was able to provide me with specific information to help ensure my ability to get financed. He communicated with me throughout the entire process, was insanely timely in how he handled and reviewed my paperwork, and worked with me to ensure the highest possibility of me being able to be financed. He even managed to help me get financed for our home purchase at a 2.875.% interest rate! I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone that has financing needs! He was absolutely wonderful and so easy to work with!" - K. Bouslaugh

"Could not ask for better service or support. We worked with Ryan as first time home buyers & I truly can tell he made our lives so easy through the process. Obviously very good at his job, he was very accommodating with schedules, patient with questions & really held our hands through this & got us a great deal. He works hard and makes the effort to communicate, and clearly, and so we were able to get our needs met and more - we have been very well taken care of. Thank you Ryan and Homestate!!" - C. Kuenzi

"Ryan is awesome at his job! He had all the answers to my questions & helped me get into my first home in a timely & efficient manner. He helped me get a local grant, as well as a great deal on my overall mortgage. He was friendly, professional, & knowledgeable. I will be using him again in the future. I highly, highly recommend!" - C. Westland

"It was a pleasure working with Mr. Ryan Holmes. The gentleman made the mortgage process pain free. It can be a complicated process, especially if you’re a first time buyer like myself. Ryan broke down the process step-by-step. I was able to contact him and have any questions answered at all times. Because of this I will continue to us Homestate Mortgage for my future purchases." - M. Flotte

"Ryan Holmes is a wonderful resource for home buyers! He is great at communicating throughout the loan process. His processes are efficient and timely. He has a lot of experience 1031 investment property exchanges as well, which is helpful to many. I definitely recommend his services!" - C. Gubser
"I highly recommend Ryan Holmes. His experience in loan preparation was top notch. He made getting our home mortgage one of the smoothest transactions I have ever experienced. I have purchased quite a few homes and have done numerous refinances. I would definitely consider Ryan in your next home purchase or refinance." - Robert S.
"Ryan Holmes with Homestate Mortgage cranked up the customer service to 11! Ryan helped us close on our home, despite challenging finances and a tight closing date, and he closed ON TIME! With our recent home purchase, we talked with a LOT of people, and we were easily confused; Ryan always called me when he got the drift we were in over our heads and he made it all clear with a great deal of patience. Buying a house is hard work, but Ryan made it easy with a web portal that walked us through the process. We shopped lenders, and Homestate really shined when it came to modern technology that didn't make us feel dumb. It means a lot to trust your lender, we have been burned before; Ryan, on the other hand, was very easy to talk to, he was confident but not unrealistic and this made us feel safe." - Jesse P.
"Ryan is awesome at his job! He had all the answers to my questions & helped me get into my first home in a timely & efficient manner. He helped me get a local grant, as well as a great deal on my overall mortgage. He was friendly, professional, & knowledgeable. I will be using him again in the future. I highly, highly recommend! " - J. Hayden
"I would highly recommend. Ryan is very customer focused and validates loan requirements well ahead of when they are needed. He works closely with the realtor to insure the customer is well taken care of and keeps all customer information confidential until getting consent to share from the customer, which I greatly appreciated. For these reasons and many others I must say I would definitely use his services in the future." - R Heredia
"Ryan was able to get a transaction closed for my clients that other lenders couldn't. He communicated very well throughout the entire process. His attention to detail was amazing. He is very knowledgeable and he responded on weekends and evenings. I look forward to working with him again! " - W. Stevens
"I highly recommend Ryan Holmes for all of your home loan needs. He was very helpful in letting us know our options and expediting the process to the best of his ability. He worked long hours and kept us informed about the process along the way. I appreciate Ryan's timeliness, kindness, and patience with explaining the loan process to a first time home buyer:) Thank you Ryan!!" - L. Radley

"Ryan and I have done several real estate transactions together. He is honest, ethical, and an incredibly smart guy. You can tell he genuinely cares about his clients, and will go above and beyond to represent their best interests. He has qualified many of my clients that other lenders couldn't, simply because he took the time to come up with a solution. He is resourceful, hardworking, and a pleasure to work with. He responds quickly, communicates well, and in two languages! Ryan also speaks fluent Spanish. Ryan comes from various backgrounds which only helps him as a lender. Whether you're a first time home buyer, an investor conducting a complicated 1031 exchange, or anything in between, Ryan is your man! 5 stars all day long!" - D. Park

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