The Harn Museum By Carrie Binkley

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

Seeing paintings in a museum helped me to better appreciate them and take the times to admire their beauty. While looking at this painting in particular I was struck by its stroke lines. i admired the raw paint lines that it encompasses and it is made by. I love the simplicity of the painting and how a small dot of color can create a field of flowers. This painting communicated a sense of peace and simplicity. it took me back to a simpler time with no worries. I felt calm and like I coexisted with the world. I stood still and was not distracted by any negativity.

Design of the Museum

I thoroughly enjoyed the Frida Kahlo exhibit because I had to visit it last semester but was unable to appreciate it until now. It was appealing because I had seen it before but also because it was inherently different from the other exhibits. It had a more chronological pattern to it. It told a story; the life of Frida Kahlo. The exhibit was also different because the art was all photographs and all related to the same subject. I felt overwhelmed at moments because I knew the story of her life but it is different hen experiencing all aspects of her life and through pictures which are more personal than a text in a class.

Art and Core Values

This was probably one of my favorite pieces of art in the entire museum. I have been to Costa Rica six times and this painting brings me back to those trips and how i felt on them. It speaks to my heart and my sense of adventure. I want to adventure more. I want to not merely let life go by but have an active role in living life. Life is meant to be lived and to take risks.

The visual depiction of mountains allows me to explore my past experiences and my emotions. It allows me to feel more connected within myself and to explore my dreams in life. It instills in me a sense of belonging and adventure. It gives me a sense of excitement for life. It helps me to acknowledge where i am in life and what has brought me to this point. It reminds me of an important time in my life and reminds me of my beliefs and how they continue to affect me daily.

Art and the Good Life

I feel like this sculpture accurately depicts the good life especially in my life. It shows a sense of spontaneity, a splash of color or excitement, a love of popularity and stardom, and lastly a love for music. I think this sculpture represents the good life in total. It is not just one thing but an accumulation of multiple factors combined together that creates our good life and it is different for everyone. This sculpture may depict me but could be a complete contrast to another individual. It communicated the good life through its various components such as the music, the stars, the blown glass colors, and the various streaks connecting each element. It visualizes my idea of the good life into a more complex piece of art. I appreciate the time it took to create such an elaborate 3D sculpture that transcends culture and different kinds of people.

Photography by Carrie Binkley and Hannah Beth Harms


Photography by Carrie Binkley and Hannah Beth Harms

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