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Crab hunting

Chapter 1: My Name is John; my brother Eric has more friends than me. We were always into coral, rock pools. However, mostly I go there every weekend. I like to hang out with my friends but he does not really mind that I am around him, he likes jumping over ramps, and only I just do the racecourse. Eric was nine he was tough for his age and all his friends are annoying, and when he was bugging me I often punch him and walk away but I do not do that now. Eric and I would still do crazy stuff together.

Sometimes Eric ran up and down the driveway, Eric has light brown hair with brown eyes, I know he likes riding out to do thing, and then there is me I have dark brown hair and brown eyes I am guessing. Eric and I enjoy wearing dark clothes most of the time. We both enjoy the beach and catch things and look at the waves. Another thing was that we would not go swimming anymore I do not know why but it nothing so bad about we would usually find somewhere to sit and watch the tide slowly move in. Eric just liked going up the hills and sitting up there perched like a hawk. Sometimes we both had immature humour while we were around together. The part was when we went down the hills a couple times, but not when he almost broke my neck.

Eric and I would just walk in the house wet it was the time when we saw a cove under water. We often go to places together like behind the big bushes there is a hill with a sandy part where we go to sit down we see boats most of the time we are there. At low tide, you can see the amazing colours of the coral, moss and seaweed it was so interesting to look at the crabs coming out of there holes in there were all different types of them crabs such as blue crabs, orange crab and mud crab Eric and I thought that they were stunning to look at so we went closer down towards them and slowly walked in the rock pool the cold felling running across my legs and arms Eric kept his hands high.

Chapter 2: Eric and I walked towards some of the deeper in the pool crabs running from hole to hole some of them were, and one of them ran across Eric’s foot, there were many coves there. With low tide for a couple of hours, a large swarm of seaweed came into the pools we had to pick it up to find the crabs it was a tough day. Gannets circling around us swooping past us and diving. In under the rock pools we reach in under dark holes under the water to catch crab; the rock pools where covered in moss and seaweed. We thought about which pool would have the most crabs in it, and sometimes we find something new in the rock pools.

We discovered new cabs that we had not seen before it was perched on the rock in under the water. Late that day the tide went back pretty far. We continued to search for the blue crab, it had disappeared. The shadow of a camouflage crab was eating things. Suddenly another two blue crabs appeared the tide had come back slowly so Eric and I jumped into the water and reached into the cove suddenly I was cut from a sharp piece of rock and then nipped by a crab, it turned out to be a blue crab. It claws would not budge so I tore its arms off and threw it into and hole.

I walked along the slimy seaweed and saw bits of wood on the edge of the shore near some mussels some of them seemed ready but I did not take any just in case Eric caught a crab and put it in the bucket. A few hours later I found a deep not like really deep so I got my googles and snorkel on and dived into the hole, a few seconds after I saw blue crabs on the edge of the rock, Eric was just grabbing crabs in parts where you could stand. It felt good to breathe again I caught my first blue crab, but could not eat it.

Chapter 3: Eric and I were pretty far out because the tide was out for hours and we saw this old shipwreck in the distance and a dead shark body Eric thought it was a great white and I said no; well he could have been right who knows now. Lots of green seaweed, moss, and mussels, which I do not like, and later that day Eric found a rock pool close to shore Eric the shorter one headed towards the rock stone pool the edges were sharp. Although it happened to have colourful corals with little just a few of them.

At the bay, the beach was close to walk to but not with buckets carrying things Eric could see sand I called out flounder we could see them but did not want to catch them it had been fun. About a couple one hundred and twenty metres, we would arrive at shore.

After that the blushing tide slowly crept closer to shore, from a distance something appeared out of the strong current it was a gannet with a fish it was actually the first time I have seen something like that. The salt sea travelled past my itchy legs so with Eric. Eric and I started putting paste on still a couple of metres Eric followed.

Chapter 4: Hearing the waves swarming in closer, and for a good swimmer he pounded without me, falling behind a little even though I was coming towards shore in shallow rock pools. From jogging in water and carrying a bucket. All of a sudden, Eric and I being mean to each other for a bit Eric did not want to help carry them bags he sat on the rock like a scared rat. I walked towards it was hard.

Then the incoming surf trembled in from the pools I started jogging it was helping in a good way it was difficult but still did it the remains of the coral unseen again, I moved on again, and sneakily a wave got me and flipped me and the gross taste of salt seawater moving around in my mouth my foot it was stuck in the coral.

The wave swarmed over my body then back out, Eric finally toughened up and came he said, “I’m coming”. The blood flowing all over my stinging leg, grazed is well and manage to pull me out. Eric and I only just made it back before the rushing shore closed in. walked back to the house up the hill so cold.

Jeff Kinney

Author study:

Jeff Kinney

Jeff Kinney is an author who writes books for kids and likes what he does. He also got bestselling author. Jeff was a movie producer for diary of a wimpy kid.

Jeff was born in Fort Washington, Maryland U.S. February 19 1971. Jeff Kinney attended at the university college in Maryland; during college, Jeff had created a popular comic strip. When he was older, he was known as a movie director, actor and producer. He was also an author and cartoonist and game designer. He writes series about diary of the wimpy kid. He had an older brother and sister and a younger brother. On December 14 2003, Jeff Kinney married Julie Kinney.

He works on writing books, his comic had been put into the campus newspaper. Diary of a wimpy kid had over fifty eight million copies in the print worldwide. Kinney also created kid friendly website. Jeff works full time as a game designer and writer. Every diary of a wimpy kid are comedy and children novels, the old school version was published in November 3 2015.

His books contain elements from all his wimpy kid series. “I don’t think of cartoons or comics for kids”. Some of Jeff’s inspirations that went into the diary of the wimpy kid stories. “No matter how nice you are to some people, they turn their back on you the second they get the chance”. Every award Jeff Kinney got where all blimp awards. In 2010, he won the blimp award, and 2013 he was nominated in the choice awards. During 2015 and 2016, he had won more blimp awards.

Jeff Kinney is an American writer; all of his stories are good. It is full of laughable characters. The story was explained clearly. I liked the old school version it did not make me need to know who the characters were. All the other book series were good but not as good as this one. The worldwide publication date was November 3 2015 and it was proceeded by the long haul, and it was released online on October 28 2015. I liked his books all of them were great

Kinney’s books are good but somewhere better than the others

Galileo Galilei

In the Elizabethan era Galileo Galilei was first to invent a thermometer made by glass bulbs that were heavier then each other

Galileo Galilei occupation was being an Italian scientist and a schoolteacher Galileo made pioneering observations during that time, he continued doing mathematics. He was supporting himself with minimum teaching. Galileo had been a teacher for music teaching and flute playing. Galileo began teaching mathematics, first privately in Florence and then during 1585-86. During 1584, Galileo was fascinated by mathematics and geometry, five years later Galileo published a piece of paper of gravity he also works on his theory of motion.

Galileo filled the different type of bulbs with partly filled colours, and if it is denser, it will sink. It is called Galileo air thermometer more accurate term of a thermoscope in or before 1603, weights of the glass bubbles had been adjusted a small amount of glass from the sealed end. There are two objects each with a volume of 1L. A small air space was left at the top of the main vessel the thermometer was received in the modern era by the natural history museum, in London. It contains a clear liquid and several glass vessels.

Galileo’s inventions were geometric and military compass during 1597 while living in the Italian city of Padua the compass had the compass had two legs, each having seven proportional lines. His telescope he did find discoveries’, he is most known for the four massive moons of Jupiter. Although he did not invent the telescope, he did take it and improved it. Thermometers of various designs date back to antiquity. Galileo contributed a design in 1593 that relied on the changes in the relative density of materials, as they are heated or cooled.

The English translation of his wok in 1684 describes the device the fifth thermometer. His thermometer is a thermometer made of sealed glass, the so-called `Galileo thermometer’ was invented by a group of academics and technicians

chocolate cookies

Suddenly it was one of those hot sunny days, in the afternoon school had just finished. Riding my bike while my brother was riding his bike, but not the goat poo. Listening to the heavy-duty trucks reversing and going forward, hoping we did not have to go anywhere.

Waiting at the vet was the worst cause there was nothing to do. About twenty minutes later the vet person offered us to take the dogs out for a walk; they had so much energy they were running everywhere. Our dog had to get X-rays to see what is wrong with him.

I did not do what I was told mostly. My friend invited me, the day I did not go. Sometimes I feel like going on a plane.

caldron poems

Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

Skin of a sparrow in a jar with baby hawk eyes

Eye of a tui, and tongue of frog

Wool of kiwi, and teeth of dog

Slimy seal brain, and foot of a duck.

Rabbit’s ear, and nose of a cat

Fillet of a lizard, and toe of a tuatara

Heart of an eel, and guts of a weta

For a charm of powerful trouble,

Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn and caldron bubble.

By Stan


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