#katebschool Learning the art, walk, and talk of wedding photography

Finding Your Why

Your why will be the first tool that helps you be successful at whatever you decide to do in life. The more passion, the more drive, perseverance, and love you have for what you do, the better! Your why is what sparks your heart about portrait photography.

Figuring Out Your How

How you achieve your goal of becoming a full-time photographer all depends on how much investment you put into it. Education, time, trial and error, are going to be very helpful in getting your head start. You're half way there already! Education in art never stops. One can always learn more. In the wedding industry things are always changing. Theres always new trends and new brides that have different tastes. Upping your game is something I've always enjoyed because it's something new and exciting!

Growing your business and loving your clients well

You want to learn more about how to "up your game." You're on the right track. Learning from those who do is a great way to learn how to get it done. The idea of owning my own business sounded so foreign to me. Creating my LLC sounded so intimidating. When I finally decide to invest a little more into what I know, my life changed for the better!

I found the teachers who do what I do, that I meshed with well. They stopped me in my tracks and made me check my self. I took a long hard look at the way I was doing things, and the things I simply wasn't doing. I learned so much valuable information from them. I felt like I knew them on a personal level, yet I had never met them in person! Amy and Jordan are saints and you will see why if you take some of there free 1 hour classes.

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