This is the type of guy a manly guy like my father would look at and think to himself, "This guy must have been raised only by women." As I saunter in, I see him ordering at the counter, beard glistening in the sunlight. When I picture a "Starbucks guy", I picture this man. Everything about him is prim and well kept. His sandy, gelled up blonde hair meets his clean beard like. As I wait in line, I notice he is looking deeply into the cashiers eyes, he is extremely focused and kind of anxious as if he wants to be sure they don't get his order wrong yet again. If you could see this fellows face, you could guess the style he would be sporting. He has the stereotypical hipster red and black flannel shirt with pushed up sleeves, accompanied by a pair of rolled up brown pants to go alongside it. The longer I stand next to him, the more I can sense the aroma of his cologne. His scent was as strong as a bite from an alligator. It smells as if he bought his men's cologne from Victoria Secret. I can see the headphone in is ear, and what looks like the outline of what I can only assume is an iPhone 7. He is probably jamming out to some Nirvana, Modest Mouse, or some other band that he liked, "before it was cool". As he walks to his table, I notice his brand new Doctor Marten's. They are the kind of boots a construction worker would laugh at because they are clearly never going to get dirty while this guy is wearing them. He didn't just have the doctor martens though, he also wore a pair of stance socks that were messily pushed down so they nestled gently on the top of his boot. I wonder how often this gentleman orders a 'Venti Mocha'. As I look glance back over him, I notice this guy is set. He is obviously doing very well for himself, and cares a great deal about how others judge him.

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