Korea The place to learn about traditions and trends

Hanboks are traditional clothing usually worn during special occasions only. Some occasions you would see Korean's wearing these clothes are lunar new years, marriages, and first birthday's.

Although Korea is still developing and growing into a more modern city, there are still many places to visit if you want to experience Korea's history and traditions. There are palaces such as Gyeongbok Palace or even some old neighborhoods still have traditional houses and alleyways.

You can also visit King Sejong the Great whom which everyone in Korea looks up to and admires.

Kimchi is a key ingredient, if not side dish, in every Korean household. You can find fermented cabbage just about anywhere you go when in Korea. This dish is one of the main delicacies in which define Korean cuisines.

A rising pop culture in the recent years outside of Korea was actually K-POP, or otherwise known as Korean pop music. Korea and their music became know globally after Psy's Gangnam Style blew up the charts world wide. Ever since, the K-POP industry has only been growing more and more and their are many concert you can attend while staying in Korea.

K-POP is not the only known type of music in Korea. As a matter of fact, with the older generation of Koreans, they prefer more traditional music such as trot or those played on a traditional instrument such as the gayageum rather than the guitar.


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