Wonders of Chad By:cheyenne erickson

Place is all about where the place is located on a map. Chad is in central Africa right to Sudan. It's capital N'Djamena is 12.6 degrees north and 15.2 degrees east. Chad is on the continent of Africa. It has a combination of mountains and desert. The Tibesti mountains dominate the Sahara desert. Chads bordering countries consist of Niger, Libya, Sudan, Nigeria, Central Africa Republic, and Cameroon.

Chad has 8 main lakes and 12 rivers. Lake Chad and lake Fianga are two of the lakes. Chair river, Logane river, and Batha river are three of the 12 rivers. Lake chad is a tribute from the Logane river.

On the left is lake chad and on the right is the Chari river
This is a picture of farmers traveling through the desert with their sheep.

Chads climate varies on the area you are in. In the north it is really dry all year around with little rain fall and In the south it's really rainy 5/12 months of the year.

The picture on the left is the Sahara desert, the upper right picture is of the Tibesti mountains, and the bottom right is an example of what happens when it rains in the southern part of Chad.

The capital of chad.

A really nice motel in N'Djamena.

A beautiful peace of artwork in the middle of the capital.

Place is the human and physical differences of a place.

Chad has very little natural resources but the ones they do have include petroleum, uranium, natron, kaolin, and gold.

This is gold in its raw form

This is kaolin. You can find a lot of it in the mountains of chad.

This is what natron looks like before it's cute and polished.

This is uranium.

This is petroleum. It kinda just looks like rocks and if you don't know what you looking for it is really easy to pass over.

There are over 200 different cultural groups in chad. Most of those groups are nomadic and semi-nomadic. Most of the people in the southern part of chad are primarily settled by the Sara people, the northern region is primarily nomadic tribal groups.

10% practice their own indigenous religions, 55% are Chadian christians, and the rest are Islamic/Muslim

On the left is Chadian christians, on the left is Muslim/Islamic groups, and the bottom is just more info on the religious.

Holidays in chad- Independence Day on August 11th, major Christian and Muslim holidays are recognized as public holidays. New Years, prophets birthday, Eidal-Fitr which is a Muslim celebration at the end of a month-long fast of Ramadan, etc.

Sorry I didn't get it all done, I was more concerned about my math and English grades. So this is what I have done. I'm not making an excuse because I know i should have done all of it.



Created with images by Ken Doerr - "Flight from Kome 5 to N'Djamena 01" • D-Stanley - "Lake Teli" • USFWS Mountain Prairie - "Hauling Carp Through Ice at Utah Lake" • D-Stanley - "Ajous Lake" • NASA Hubble - "sts061-075-022_9734008386_o" • Ken Doerr - "Final approach to Hassan Djammous airport, N'Djamena, Chad. Ethiopian Airways from Addis Ababa" • jackmac34 - "donkey sahara desert" • Martijn.Munneke - "Woestijn" • D-Stanley - "Ennedi Hoodoos" • Ken Doerr - "Loule River Crossing after the rains" • Ken Doerr - "Storm clouds over N'Djamena" • D-Stanley - "Mercure Le Chari" • mknobil - "Camp Women 3" • D-Stanley - "Well of the Young Girls"

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