Mahatma Gandhi My hero

In the famous Salt March of April-May 1930, thousands of Indians followed Gandhi from Ahmadabad to the Arabian Sea. The march resulted in the arrest of nearly 60,000 people, including Gandhi himself. This was because of the high tariff that Great Britain put on salt. This heroic action is just one example of passive resistance.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

In 1947, the Labor Party granted India it's independence. However, it was split into India and Pakistan. Violence broke out, and Gandhi carried a fast in Delhi to stop this. He was shot and killed on his way to an evening prayer because of his efforts to negotiate with Pakistan.

This of Gandhi's speeches in Kingsley Hall, London, in 1931. He does not once mention using physical violence to get what India wants.

These are only a few examples of Gandhi's heroism. He managed to get India independence without a single military war. He used passive resistance until India final gained its independence. This is why Gandhi is my hero. He earned independence for one of the biggest nations in the world without bloodshed.

This is one of very few television interviews with Mahatma Gandhi. This was before India was granted independence. The interviewer asks Gandhi, "If England does not grant your demands, what course of action will you follow then?" Gandhi responds, "Civil disobedience." This is what makes him my hero. No matter how far England goes, either putting a tariff on salt or putting Gandhi in jail, he never commits any act of violence. He only utilizes civil disobedience and passive resistance.

Gandhi is a very under-appreciated figure in world history. Regardless of the Pakistan and India controversy, he is an incredibly important and brave person. He did not fear England and their power, he just resisted without any violence. This is what makes him my hero.

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