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30/01/2019 Rajeev joint our lab as a postdoc. He will investigate different aspects of ATR/ATM signalling on crossover development in Arabidopsis.

10/01/2019 Majka left our lab for training purposes during a one-month stay in Henderson's lab in Cambridge, UK.

12.12.2018 Our latest review in Frontiers in Genetics is available on line.

29-30/11/2018 The whole team spent an extremely creative time in the House of Creative Work in Ciążeń. This was the joint-lab meeting with Szymon Swiezewski lab.

26/11/2018 Dhananjay landed in Poznan to join our lab as postdoc

24/09/2018 Weronika defended her PhD thesis entitled "The contribution of H2A.Z histone variant to the transcriptional regulation of gene expression in Arabidopsis thaliana".


13/09/2018 Nadia was awarded the Biology Faculty Dean's grant for investigation of H1 histone variant in crossover formation in Arabidopsis.

12/09/2018 Nadia, Julia and Maja gave their talks on The Students and Postdocs Meiosis Workshop in Montpellier. According to reliable source they all did very well!

Julia in action
Maja under fire
nadia in defence

07/09/2018 Weronika came back from her four month stay in Jacque Côté's lab in Quebec and presented her very interesting results on plant Piccolo NuA4 activity.

11/07/2018 Piotr's proposal won in the 'TEAM' competition from the Foundation for Polish Science. In this grant we will develop a new system for fine mapping of crossover in Arabidopsis. This will allow us to study effects of chromatin modifications for recombination hotspot activity.

09/07/2018 Wojtek joined the lab as the new master degree student. He will work with Kasia on developing HDA CRISPR-based collection.

05/07/2018 Sara successfully passed her master degree exam and became MSc. She is now performing after graduation training in a private biotech company.

28/06/2018 Ania and Tomek became happy mum and dad! Their son, Janek, is growing fast to join the lab as soon as possible!


26/06/2018 Włodek defended his master degree thesis. He will join Ian Henderson lab in Cambridge next week to participate in PhD programme founded from Marie Curie-Skłodowska Grant.

21/04/2018 Julia got married! Please be informed that Julia's name changed from Zielinska to Dłużewska ;-)

23/01/2018 Ania's project for screening NuA4 suppressors with CRISPR/Cas9 got founding from EMBO!

01/11/2017 Kasia joint our group to do her master degree project.

31/10/2017 Two master projects are open for students. See details in here.

25/10/2017 New postdoc position available in our lab. See details in here.

01/10/2017 We have two new PhD students in our lab: Julia and Maja. They will work on meiotic recombination.

15/09/2017 Tomek was awarded a price for the best talk on the 8th Conference of PSEPB in Białystok.

01/06/2017 Three new Conviron growth chambers have just arrived. We have more space to grow plants!

03/06/2017 Nadia joined our lab! Bienvenue!

28/03/2017 WROTE ABOUT US on Science & Scholarship in Poland again. You can read it here (in Polish).

03/03/2017 H2A.Z paper is online in The Plant Cell.

27/03/2017 We have SONATA BIS grant which will definitely help us to develop our lab. In this grant we will investigate molecular mechanisms responsible for changes in crossover chromosomal distribution in response to homo/heterozygosity pattern (cis juxtaposition effect).

10/03/2017 WROTE ABOUT US on Science & Scholarship in Poland portal. The article is in Polish, you can find it here.

21/02/2017 HEI10 article in Genes & Development is out! Read it here.

26/01/2017 Tomek defended his PhD! Congratulations to a new doctor!

16/01/2017 Tomek's application for EMBO Small Grant was successful! This will provide us some extra money to finish NuA4 projects!

04/01/2017 The contract for Piotr's OPUS 11 grant has been signed. In this project we will identify a QTL responsible for meiotic crossover frequency in Arabidopsis.

02/12/2016 Piotr was awarded EMBO Installation Grant! You can read more about EMBO Installation Grants here: EMBO Installation Grants

11/10/2016 Longfei joined our lab to do his PhD. 欢迎您

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