Techy classroom BroadENing possibilities

DAY 1 - Jul 30th 2018

Thanks to this website, you can spin a personalised wheel and follow the instructions !

Possible uses: as an ice-breaker , a warmer , a test...

Activity : The QR code treasure hunt !

7 QR codes spread all over the class, each giving access to an audio definition. Each definition corresponds to a word. The seven words' first letters reveal the password of the class's dropbox! (Number 2 was no piece of cake...)

Possible uses in class: vocabulary check , webquests...

Let's make our own QR codes! All they need is to refer to documents stored online (i.e. that have a URL): on a website or on Dropbox for instance.

Try me!


To keep track of what's been studied, create your diary of the courses with Adobe Spark !


This app allows you to create one page per class. On each page, you are able to share contents with your students, and your students are able to send you documents (tests, videos...) that you will be able to publish and comment both with written or oral advice. So much ability! (Thank you Sonja!)

Equivalent platforms: eTwinning , Moodle

These two apps from the Apple Store permit students to give life to puppets by animating them and voicing them over!

  • One very good idea of activity: to show students a voiceless video and ask them to voice it over!
  • With the appropriate app and a green or blue curtain or wall, students can create a film of themselves in various situations!
  • bit.ly.com allows to shorten web addresses! (but now, we can use QR codes... ;-) )

DAY 2 - Jul 31st 2018

No more pens and paper! With this app, students can draw, erase and save their data on a tablet. Perfect for co-working, expressing ideas differently, creating an adapted evolutive support for a presentation, or descriptions.

The "Pen+Ruler" tool transforms your handmade shapes into well-drawn shapes !

Possible alternatives: spark draw, paint...

What could such a tool be used for?

Game : Player 1 looks at a picture and describes it to Player 2. Player 2 must then draw this picture being as acurate as possible. The winner is the one whose picture is the closest to the initial photo. What wonderful artists we are !

Are the pictures you use in class copyright free ? Here are a few tips to make sure they are :

And this is where to go on Google Images...
... to make sure the displayed images are all copyright free !

New activity: What sort of classroom are you used to? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Think about what you do and what it brings your students.
With Wizer, you can upload a document online and give your students activities and feedback as they work on it ! The exercises may also be printed.

That's a song we will all remember thanks to a wizer teacher...

DAY 3 - Aug 1st 2018

This app is available online. It is an interactive whiteboard. You can use it for screencasting: you can record your voice while you are drawing and explaining a lesson ! Moreover, your recording can be cut and modified AND exported as a movie !

Make sure you understand the song: complete the lyrics as the song is played !

Record whatever you need in a professional-like quality, trim the document, add effects and export it easily thanks to Voice Record Pro.

Idea of activity: What do you understand? What are they talking about? What are the words that helped you? Record yourself on a subject. Who said "..."?

Issues observed: the record is .m4a, not .mp3. / Dropbox stored documents can only be read if the reader has got the Dropbox app itself.

Acitivity in pairs : each person listens to an audio document dealing with the life of a man called Frankie, takes note of what they understood, then share their information.

To check what has been understood, we were tested via Kahoot!, an app allowing people to play online simultaneously! Players use their smartphones to answer, while questions are displayed on a screen. You get points according to the speed at which you answer.

How can we find copyright free authentic documents?

The four last documents are free!
You can choose the type of document you are looking for
- like testimonies in "I was there"

Once you have downloaded your documents, how can you modify them? (to get rid of ads or introductions, for example)

For example, "This American Life" offers this new app provided with the transcript of the audio document, which allows you to know exactly what is said at what moment.

But you can also open a document on iMovie (or on Windows Movie Maker for Windows).

Once the document is open on iMovie, you can delete parts of it or bring other modifications.

DAY 4 - Aug 2nd 2018

On Archive.org, you may freely download loads of documents, including videos. But you have to be careful about the videos you download and then would like to share online: they may not freely be used. For silent movies for example: the pictures are copyright free, but the music may not be: you may need to get rid of it.

Moreover, when you download a video, make sure to do it in a format that will easily be read by various devices.

We downloaded "Cops" by and starring "Buster" Keaton, cut it into a 3 mn film thanks to iMovie, then dubbed it! iMovie allows you to detach audio and delete it, cut the video into various pieces, add voices and sound effects!

And we had a little break playing "Countdown"... We should soon see how to create our own game!

DAY 5 - Aug 3rd 2018

First, let's see how to create your Youtube channel (because you need Youtube links to attach videos to webpages like Adobe Spark): you've got a Gmail account? Then just connect: your channel is waiting for you! Click the "camera plus" button to upload videos from your computer.

Create your own Countdown game !

With Explain Everything, you can download a background, draw tiles with letters locked on them, add a timer (downloaded from Youtube), and be ready to play! Remember to lock the elements that will have not to move and bring the important elements in the foreground during the making of the game. Once it is done, you can keep it for years, so it is worth the long making of it...

This is what I did and what it looks like when you play
That's the math game version by Attila, our Maths teacher (in 30 seconds, find as many correct equations as possible)
And here's the grammar game by Alexandra, one of our English teacher (in two minutes, make sentences with maximum 6 elements)

Who said timers had to be boring?

Because we cannot all use Apple devices, here are a few examples of apps that could be use for the ones we have worked on so far:


DAY 6 - Aug 6th 2018

After a few questions among ourselves to discuss what use of videos we make in class, we had a look at the following sites, which offer videos AND lesson plans on various subjects (for busy teachers...).

Activity idea: filming a student explaining something, having this video as the head of a second student who would have to "play" the part of the body, while a third student would film it all.

If students lie down, there can be only two of them!
Ideas of spontaneous presentations

Activity: Making a (very) short film !

First step: getting used to some technical terms.

  • One shot: one person is seen.
  • Two shot: two person are seen.
  • Close-up: very close sight of one's face.
  • Medium shot: one person is seen down to their waist.
  • Long shot: one person is seen from head to feet.
  • Shot and counter shot: a move from one interlocutor to the other (respecting a movement of 180° maximum of the camera).

Task: after watching an example of a 6 second film telling a whole story, we were asked to shoot our own films on the following topic: "Stranger at the door". We had to use each of the shots mentioned above, add a title and music, and make sure that our films are not much longer than 10 seconds (which happened to be quite complicated). 20 mn to think about what to do, then more than 40 mn for the film and final editing.

Storyboard made beforehand on Explain Everything


A possible warm-activity: extremely zoom a picture and have your students guess what it can be ("It may be...", "It must be...!", etc)

DAY 7 - Aug 7th 2018

We studied several websites and apps offering games for students to learn and revise English.

With Proke, you are asked to find words starting or ending in a precise way. Find as many as possible before the end of the timer! This helps you with revising your vocabulary.
Topmarks offers several games of various types for your students. You can choose what age their level corresponds to, and then are suggested a long list of activities focusing on different aspects of the English language.
For example, we had to improve the verbs used in this story called "The sea cave": this exercise encourages students to use as varied verbs and adverbs as possible.
Reflexion time
This online game helps revise vocabulary on several subjects and for different levels. It is quite monotonous, but it helps you make sure you can improve yourself by asking you again the questions you did not answer well.

In this game, you can die if you cannot spell words correctly and fast enough! If these bats stopped flying away, we could surely click on them...

In this very well-thought and heart-breaking game, your students must make life choices to be able to live in reasonable conditions... and try not to die...
This game is not free. You embody a space traveller visiting a new planet, and can write what you do or think all along your visit. At the end of the game, you get the album of your own fiction!
In this more serious yet wonderful app, you create lists of vocabulary, associate definitions or pictures (or sound!) to each word, and the website spontaneously produces games to help your students revise these lists! You can create a class to share your lists easily.
Thanks to Quizlet live, your students type in the code you will give them, and Quizlet will organise teams for you: they will need to sit together in teams because the answers will spread on each of their devices!


DAY 8 - Aug 8th 2018

Green screen day!!! After setting up everything, we prepared scripts in groups of 3.

What should be remembered about the app:

  • It is not free.
  • It is for Apple devices.
  • To edit videos: your background goes on the bottom layer; the middle layer is where you should select "Camera" and record what is to be recorded; and the first layer is where you should have the additional things you would like to appear on screen (a second screen, an image, an animation...).
  • You can edit your document with iMovie when you are done.
Sonja has much fun with it!

DAY 9 - Aug 9th 2018

DAY 10 - Aug 10th 2018

We had a presentation of Aurasma, an augmented reality app that can now be found as "HP Reveal". Thanks to this, you aim your camera at some precise image, and your device will spontaneously make a document appear, either it is an animated picture, a video or a photo. This is how the sight from the left window of The Den turned into this lady singing God save the Queen:

Then we had a try at Padlet, a platform that allows students to collaborate by sending texts, images or records to the same webpage that the teacher can moderate. They can plan a project, comment on each other's posts, and even "like" the ones they appreciate.

We could join Simon's page with this QR code
...and posted a lot of things! (will you see where I hide...?)

We finally ended our course with a very funny game called "Keep talking and nobody explodes". A "Bomb defuser" is sent away with a computer, on which he should defuse a bomb. Further away, a group of "specialists" can read the "Bomb manual". They must all communicate well enough so that the specialists understand the type of bomb the defuser is facing and help him/her defuse it.

Unfortunately, the app costs approximately ten pounds. But we really had fun!
Special thanks to Simon for all his advice, time, ideas and humour!
Thanks also to my dear teammates. It was a real pleasure meeting you and working with you, everyone!

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