KappA Psi Northwest Province Winter Newsletter 2019

Satrap Address

Greetings Brothers of the Northwest Province,

I cannot believe that February and the end of my term as Satrap is right around the corner. I would like to welcome all the new Brothers from Beta Pi, Epsilon Xi, Epsilon Pi, Gamma Eta, and Zeta Omicron to our Fraternity and to the Northwest Province. I am so proud of you all for crossing into the Brotherhood. I am confident that your instructors did a fantastic job teaching about what our Fraternity stands for and I hope that you stay active in your new family.

If you haven’t heard, the Northwest Province is getting a new graduate chapter. Vancouver Grad is being chartered on February 15th. Brother David Cai and the rest of the Vancouver Brothers would love to see you at their chartering. More details will be out shortly.

Winter Province is coming up and we are already approaching capacity so sign up as soon as you can to reserve yourself a spot. Vancouver is going to be very fun and I hope to see as many of you there as I can. Don’t forget to bring a passport!

Finally, GCC is about 7 months away. It’s never too early to start planning. Your NWP EC has been working on fundraising and creating socials so that our Province can have delegates from all of our chapters attend and for us to have a fun time together in Washington DC. Going to GCC was one of the best decisions that I have made in my pharmacy school career, so I encourage as many of you to go as well.

Communication was something that I really wanted to build on during my term as Satrap and I believe we are doing a fantastic job. I have had one on one conversations with all our Collegiate Regents. I did this so I could learn about each chapter and their specific needs. This ultimately allowed me to find better ways to communicate with the Province. This has resulted in the bi-monthly emails that you have all been receiving from Secretary Catlin.

I recently completed my last Regent conference call with the Province. We went over logistics for the upcoming festivities in Vancouver.

Respectfully Submitted,

Justin N. Fernando

Northwest Province Satrap

2018 - 2019 Pledge Class Recognition

beta omicron: Andrew

Pledge Andrew is always enthusiastic at Kappa Psi pledge events and is a pleasure to talk to all the time! He helped to organize the Beta Omicron Paint Night Social at the beginning of this quarter, which allowed active Brothers and pledges get to know each other better.

beta pi: Jennifer

Jennifer, a first-year pharmacy student, is one of the most impressive initiates. She distinguished herself from other initiates by being involved early on. Jennifer will be one of our delegates at the NWP. Jennifer is also one of the first brothers to show interest in an officer position and attended an executive board meeting to learn more about the position. She also became the Professional Pharmacy Student Association (PPSO) liaison within the first month of pharmacy school, and would most likely be the president-elect of PPSO next year. Jennifer is truly an inspiration to Beta Pi and an asset to Kappa Psi.

epsilon chi: Dixie

Dixie is a first-year pharmacy student. In addition to being very professional and enthusiastic throughout the pledging process, she is also involved in other extracurricular activities including being a committee member for APhA Operation Heart. As the pledge Service Chair, she is organized and is always the first to send out invitations for the brothers to volunteer with the pledges for service projects. Overall, she is a hardworking and dedicated pledge that embodies the four pillars of Kappa Psi. Go, Dixie!

epsilon pi: don

One of our newest brothers Don has demonstrated himself to be a great addition to Epsilon Pi. As the pledge class president, he set up a new philanthropic event for the pledge class and created a new partnership between the coordinators of the Onward Shay Marathon event and our chapter. Don also brought his pledge class together by organizing social events for them like going to a nearby bowling alley after their first ritual. We are all excited to see what he does during his time in Epsilon Pi.

epsilon xi: Ivana

Prior to initiation, Ivana was the fundraising chair for Epsilon Xi’s Kappa class and coordinated a candy gram fundraiser for their successful initiation. She took the time during lunches and after school to not only make the candy grams, but to table to sell them with her class as well.

delta mu: Carolyne

Carolyne is a 2nd year pharmacy student at UBC and is a new pledge joining Kappa Psi – Delta Mu. Carolyne was elected as one of the co-pledge presidents and has taken a lot of initiative to lead the pledge project. She has been an enthusiastic and great addition to Delta Mu.

Gamma Eta: alara

Alara is one of our new initiates at Kappa Psi Gamma Eta. During the rush period, Alara jumped right on board with any social or philanthropic event with great enthusiasm. One of the fundraising events we do is through the concessions at the University of Montana football games. When the sheet was passed around she was the first to sign up for the first game! She has been incredibly involved in KY and even became our new rush chair. In her undergraduate at the University of Montana she was also involved in a sorority and understands many principles when it comes to getting people involved and motivated to participate. She is driven, kind, and up to help out in any way she can. KY is excited to have her as a new member and cannot wait to see how she helps with the chapter and grows as a brother!

Zeta Omicron: kevin

Kevin is new member in the Gamma class of Zeta Omicron. Kevin won the 'most brotherly' award this year because he is always willing to help his fellow brothers out. He attends all events and never fails to volunteer when help is needed. We are grateful Kevin chose to join our fraternity and have high hopes for next year when he is a leader of our chapter.

winter chapter event highlight

beta omicron: paint night social

Beta Omicron Pledge organized Paint Night social (popcorn not featured). It was a great way for our Brothers and pledges to re-connect with each other after winter break. Our Brothers went home with bellies full of popcorn and hands full of original paintings! Thank you to our Pledges for making this night successful!

beta Pi: initiation

The biggest day for Beta Pi is initiation, where the long rush and pledge events come to an end and we welcome the new brothers. The executive board hold an special meeting in order to make sure the event goes as smooth as possible for the thirty six new brothers. Here is a picture of Beta Pi brothers at initiation.

epsilon chi: Utah food bank

Our pledge Service Chair Dixie organized a joint pledge/brother service project at our local Utah Food Bank. Brothers and pledges sorted food, repackaged bread, and created labels. Due to scheduling conflicts, the event took place on two nights. Our Co-GCD Dr. Macheala Jacquez volunteered on both nights. It was a wonderful way for the pledges to bond with our brothers and give back to our community!

epsilon pi: founder's day

Epsilon Pi went to celebrate our Founder’s Day by getting some frozen yogurt near school during a busy week when many of us had exams coming up. Even though life can get a little hectic at times with school it is nice to relax a little and catch up with brothers. One of the best parts of Kappa Psi is getting to hang out with fellow brothers and forget for a moment about the demands of school and just hang out. The sugar from the yogurt also helped with cognition in my opinion.

epsilon xi: deadlifts for doernbecher

Towards the beginning of our winter break, Dillon, Michael, and Isabelle participated in Deadlifts for Doernbecher, a community power-lifting competition and fundraising event for Epsilon Xi’s local philanthropy. All three brothers trained after school and on the weekends months prior to the event. Altogether, the trio raised an astounding $1,800+ for OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. As a chapter, we could not be more proud of these brothers for stepping out of their comfort zone and competing for a great cause.

delta Mu: Ugly Christmas sweater party

Delta Mu ended off the first semester with a fun Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. With nearly all our exams over we enjoyed sharing stories, our thoughts, and plans for Christmas break. We also did our annual White Elephant gift exchange.

Gamma Eta: Murder in Manhattan winter formal

Each fall we hold our annual Winter Formal for our brothers and the rest of the pharmacy school. This year’s theme was “Murder in Manhattan”. Everyone signed up to play a character in the story, which was set in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NY. The night consisted of a formal dinner, mingling and gossiping, a mysterious murder, a scavenger hunt for evidence, and the eventual uncovering of the murderer. We had over 70 people in attendance, including current and past Kappa Psi members, other students from all classes, friends and family of students, and even some of our professors. After the murder mystery was solved we finished up the night with dancing and pictures at the photobooth. This event has historically been one of our favorite social events, and this year was one of the best yet!

zeta omicron: Utah food bank

Every year, sometimes twice a year, Zeta Omicron holds a philanthropic event with the Utah Food Bank. Last year, Utah Food Bank distributed 43.3 million pounds of food (36.1 million meals) via their network of 150 emergency food pantries and agencies statewide. We enjoyed working as a fraternity to help the Utah Food Bank get much-needed food directly into the hands of Utahns facing hunger.

northwest Province Executive Committee and elections

Election process
  • Curious as to how the election process works? It’s pretty simple! During the business meeting there will be an open call for nominations where we will elect new officers. If nominated for a position you can accept or decline. We start with Satrap and there is a call to close nominations. All the nominees give a speech, one candidate goes at a time and the others step out of the room. Following the speeches, chapter delegates can talk to their chapters and discuss who they want to vote for. Votes are counted and the candidate with the most votes wins. If there is not a majority the candidate with the fewest votes is removed from the ballot and a revote is done until there is a majority. We then waterfall through each subsequent position with a call for final nominations prior to the candidates giving speeches.

intent to run

vice satrap

Lindsey Catlin, Epsilon Pi

Hello fellow brothers of the Northwest Province!

My name is Lindsey Catlin and I am writing to formally announce my intent to run for Vice Satrap of our Northwest Province.

I was initiated in 2016 to the Epsilon Pi Chapter at Idaho State University. I am currently in my third year and have attended four Province Assemblies including one at PacWest, this Winter Province in Vancouver will be my fifth. I had the pleasure of attending the 58th GCC in Naples, Florida and plan to attend the upcoming 59th GCC in Washington DC this summer.

As a brother of Epsilon Pi Chapter I served as the Regent for 2017/2018 year resulting in Epsilon Pi being awarded the 8th best chapter overall for the second year in a row. As Regent my goal was to encourage growth of the chapter through participation in philanthropic, social and fundraising events. As the Immediate Past Regent my goal is to improve and expand the relationship with Idaho Grad Chapter, facilitating communication and improving graduate retention rates between the Epsilon Pi and Idaho Grad Chapters specifically.

I currently am the NWP Secretary and have absolutely loved the experience of serving at the province level. I have met a lot of wonderful brothers and gotten to know many of you better through my interactions as Secretary. As the Awards Committee Chair I understand a small portion of what all goes into planning Winter Province Assembly and I look forward to the challenge of taking on the full responsibility of overseeing planning as Vice Satrap.

I am interested in the position of Vice Satrap because I want to continue being involved at the Province level and am excited about the opportunity to expand on my leadership abilities to help plan WPA with the planning committee. I want to get to know more brothers and what better way than bringing them to visit us here in Boise!

Epsilon Pi will be hosting the next Winter Province Assembly. As a brother of Epsilon Pi and Vice Satrap, I feel that I will be able to effectively and efficiently communicate with my chapter to provide whatever support they need. My previous experience as a chapter Regent and serving on the NWP EC will help me to maximize the position of Vice Satrap and I will diligently represent both Epsilon Pi and the Northwest Province.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lindsey Catlin


Rachel Belcher, Zeta Omicron

Dear Brothers,

My name is Rachel Belcher, I am a P2 student at Roseman University, College of Pharmacy in South Jordan, UT, and a Brother of the Zeta Omicron Chapter. It is with great excitement that I announce my intent to run for Chaplain at NWP 2019.

I am running for Chaplain because I want to make a lasting impact on the chapters of the NWP by helping to find processes that will encourage continuous improvement. Kappa Psi has become a huge part of my life and has allowed me to continuously improve myself and those around me since I began pledging in the fall of 2017.

If elected as Chaplain for NWP I would like to create an open line of communication where brothers in our province can go and submit ideas/problems within their chapter’s rituals and rush/pledging processes; things that worked and didn’t work. This way I can keep a running list of activities that need improvement and those that continue to be effective. I also would like to implement a “feedback” process for each chapter’s pledge educators and chaplains. This process would entail pledge educators and chaplains sending out feedback surveys after major events (i.e., rush, pledging, crossing, graduation) to seek improvement within their own chapters. I believe that the more feedback we can receive the better we will become as professionals and leaders and I feel that this has the potential to help the chapters of NWP grow. In addition, I would like to help the next elected historian to implement a new section in the newsletter where we do a chapter “spotlight”, to highlight a chapter who is going above and beyond their chapter expectations to reinforce use of rituals, chapter histories and rush/pledging events.

This past year I served on the inter-chapter relations committee in which collaboration and shared ideas were fostered to enhance or add on to what each chapter was already doing. Over the summer, I attended the Kappa Psi Leadership Symposium where I was able to cultivate my leadership skills before taking on the role of pledge educator. During the pledging process, I implemented weekly study sessions as a part of my role on the scholarship committee, where our pledges and active members were invited to study class material together to facilitate mentoring and improved study habits. I also organized a philanthropic event where our active brothers and pledges came together to make blankets to donate to Primary Children’s Hospital. This past December, after a challenging but rewarding pledging process, with the help of my brothers, Zeta Omicron successfully crossed 13 new members into the brotherhood and I couldn’t be prouder!

With your support and my experience, I hope to continue to be active in this wonderful organization and use my skills and passion to help continuously improve the chapters of the NWP.

As always,


Rachel Belcher

Cynthia Li, Beta Pi

Aloha Brothers!

My name is Cynthia Li from the Beta Pi chapter and I would like to become your Northwest Province Chaplain.

Community has always been a very integral part of my life as I entered into pharmacy school and subsequently, as I initiated into Kappa Psi! I am extremely thankful that I have met amazing friends and mentors who have walked with me through both my good days, and my learning days. As Kappa Psi, we are brothers for life and it would be an honor to have the opportunity to give back by setting an example and sharing my experience for future brothers.

My greatest passion is bringing people together through a common goal, and Kappa Psi has offered me many opportunities through my time as my chapter’s Philanthropy Chair, and then as Chaplain. I see the position of Chaplain on the Northwest Province Committee as the best of both worlds and I hope to carry on the previous Chaplain’s direction with philanthropic events! With chapters all over the continent, it really excites me to think of the massive footprint we can make on our community as Kappa Psi, and more importantly, a brotherhood.

Respectfully submitted,

Cynthia Li

David Huang, Beta Omicron

Hello Brothers!

My name is David Huang, and I'm a current PY3 at the University of Washington. My experience throughout pharmacy school has gone hand-in-hand with Kappa Psi. The one thing that has always set this Fraternity apart from other pharmacy organizations was the sense that we are a family. While serving as a First-Year Liaison, Chaplain, and Regent for Beta Omicron, I have been fortunate enough to have been a part of organizing many of the events that bring us together as a Chapter, such as Initiation and Founders Day. As Northwest Province Chaplain, I hope to foster brotherhood across our province by continuing the tradition of organizing friendly outreach competitions to promote interchapter collaboration and communication. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones in Vancouver!


David Huang


David Lee, Beta Omicron

To the Brothers of the Northwest Province,

I am writing to express my interest in running for the Northwest Province Treasurer position for 2019-2020. I am currently a 3 rd year brother at the University of Washington – Beta Omicron chapter. I have been involved in Kappa Psi since my first year of school when I first pledged, and it has been a rewarding experience for me. I believe I would be a good treasurer with the knowledge of money management I have accumulated from be.

At Beta Omicron, I was the Fundraising Coordinator my second year of being a part of Kappa Psi. From this position, I have learned about what it means to serve the fraternity as a board member and the commitment that comes along with it. As the fundraising coordinator I have also dealt with money management when figuring out how much money I can spend to net a profit in the end. I have run several fundraisers and created merchandise for the chapter. I have raised money for the chapter through various events, travel reimbursement programs, and created long sleeve shirts. I believe that the skills I have picked up from this position will help me to budget for the province, but also generate revenue, and make merchandise that will bolster pride in the Northwest Province and Kappa Psi. I believe that I will be able to bring my prior experiences and utilize them to the fullest extent in the Treasurer position.

In addition to being the Fundraising Coordinator at Beta Omicron, I have served as the Audit and Finance Chair for the province this past year. I have worked with brothers from across the province and been actively involved in its finances during my term. As the Chair, I have seen how the finances operate to a certain degree. This opportunity has allowed me to improve upon the skills that are essential to promoting financial stability within our organization, such as budgeting appropriately Due to this, I believe that I would be able to transition into Treasurer duties with little difficulty. However, I still look forward to the enriching experiences and new challenges of being the Northwest Province Treasurer.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to seeing everyone at Winter Province


Respectfully submitted,

David Lee

David Low, Delta Mu

Dear Brothers and the Executive Committee,

I would like to formally apply for the Northwest Province Treasurer position. I am currently a third year UBC Student that pledged for the Delta Mu Chapter in my first year. Ever since then, I had invaluable experiences as a brother of Kappa Psi and continuously strived for more involvement in the association. I would like to foremost highlight my past experiences and outline why I may be a good fit for the position.

Entering my second year, I was elected as the Treasurer-Elect for the Delta Mu Chapter and was groomed into the position of Treasurer entering my third year. In this two year term, I learned the intricacies of the finances for Kappa Psi and the respective banking protocols. I was responsible for making the fraternity both financially stable and sustainable by utilizing registration fees and profits from faculty-wide events to fund our own Kappa Psi initiatives. I practiced being meticulous with all the invoices, eTransfers, receipts, and cash flow within the fraternity making sure everything balanced out.

For my third year, I accepted the responsibility as the Budgeting Co-Chair for the 2019 Winter Assembly held this year. For months prior, I battled with making the tickets affordable while making an incredible conference for our incoming brothers. I worked alongside incredible brothers who have worked tirelessly to help estimate costs and help assign fees to the numerous details involved with a large scale international conference. I also worked with Christopher Cheun (The NWP Vice Satrap) to mediate between American brothers in terms of finances and accepting fees.

With a plethora of experience dealing with Kappa Psi finances, I am enthusiastic to apply for the NWP Treasurer role. I had the pleasure of seeing Shelly Jun, a friend and fellow brother of Delta Mu, do an amazing job in the role and I would love to challenge myself to emulate her success. If elected, I would bring my years of expertise dealing with finances to use, and be open to help budget for the next Winter Assembly in 2020 with the future planning committees.

Thank you for your time and considerations. I look forward to hearing your response to this application. Please contact me through email at David.low@live.ca

Best Regards,

David Low


Kuang-yie (Angie) Vo, Epsilon Chi

Dear Brothers of the Northwest Province,

My name is Kuang-yie (Angie) Vo, and I am a brother from Epsilon Chi of the University of Utah College of Pharmacy. This past year, I was the Historian for my chapter. Even though writing is not my strong suit, being able to write about the wonderful events that my chapter holds is one of the few times writing leaves me energized. I enjoy capturing the moments that our chapter can look back on with pride, and I love being able to help my chapter develop our history.

That being said, I want to extend my energy to the brothers of the Northwest Province. As the Province Historian, I want to be the link that connects the Northwest Province to all that they have achieved before, all that they are achieving now, and what they will achieve in the future. By working together with the chapter Historians, I want to recognize all that we do for our chapters, our province, and the fraternity.

Respectfully submitted,

Kuang-yie Vo

Megan LaCrone, Epsilon Pi

Brothers of the Northwest Province:

I am writing to express my interest in running for the position of Northwest Province Historian. I am very interested in the history of Kappa Psi and the contributions our brothers have made to the profession of pharmacy. After a year serving on the Northwest Province Executive Committee as Chaplain and getting to know many of the remarkable brothers of our province, I feel that I will make a high-quality Northwest Province Historian.

I am an initiate of the Epsilon Pi chapter at Idaho State University College of Pharmacy. As a brother of Epsilon Pi, I served as Sergeant-at-Arms and Chaplain/Pledge Educator. At the province level, I served on the Province Assembly Planning Committee, Province Chaplain, and co-chair of the Interchapter Relations Committee. I attended a total of four province assemblies in the Northwest and Pacific West provinces and had the privilege of attending the 58th GCC. Outside of Kappa Psi, I serve as Secretary of Phi Lambda Sigma Alpha Alpha chapter, Vice President of the Rho Chi Society Alpha Upsilon chapter, and President of the APhA-ASP chapter at ISU.

As co-chair of the Interchapter Relations Committee, I was able to work closely with our outgoing Province Historian, Mark Nguyen, and I hope to continue some of the projects he was working on to bring the brothers of our widespread province closer. If elected to the position of Northwest Province Historian, I would like to continue to work with the Chapter Historians to showcase the hard work of the brothers of our province via social media, province newsletters, our Northwest Province website, and publications of the MASK.

I believe the Province Historian has an important role in facilitating communication between chapters, primarily by helping chapters to share their ideas and achievements. I believe that my prior service as the Northwest Province Chaplain has provided me the skills needed to be a strong Province Historian. I am a good collaborator and was able to spend my time as Chaplain practicing communicating via social media. Flexibility is a strength of mine, and I would be pleased to have the opportunity to continue to learn from my brothers and figure out how to best meet the communication needs of our province.

I would be proud to continue to serve my brothers in Kappa Psi at the province level. I’ve had an amazing time getting to know the brothers of the Northwest Province and would love to have the opportunity to record and share all of our successes in the upcoming year. It would be my pleasure to hold an office in which I get to share how proud I am to be a brother of Kappa Psi!

Respectfully submitted,

Megan LaCrone



Which Chapter will come out on top?

See you at the Northwest Province Winter Assembly!

Winter Province Assembly tips
  1. Figure out what you want to get out of the event.
  2. Set yourself up for success the weekend by attending the Friday night social and getting meeting new brothers.
  3. Bring business cards. If you don't have any, add brothers on social media platforms.
  4. Come with a goal to meet at least 3 new people from each chapter.
  5. Take lots of pictures and videos.
  6. Keep some conversation starters in mind, "What specialty in pharmacy are you interested in?"
  7. Introduce your new friends to your old friends.
  8. Make sure you follow up with all the brothers you've met with a message.
  9. Have fun!

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