Dreaming has no limits reach for the stars

Ever sine I was a child, I loved art supplies! I always chose any art material over any toy I had, I disliked barbies very much.
I started out little, doing crafts here and there and always thought I could sell my creations. This was more of a hobby to me, that I loved.
Where would I go about with my career? Struggling in my late teens and early twenties, what path was the best for me.
Technology advancement worldwide, searching for a career with creativity and able to make a living off of.
Graphic Communications was a whole new thing for me I just discovered, the more I read what it all entailed the more I wanted to know.
Now to reach for my goals, coming back to school to finally study what I wanted for my career.
It wasn't going to be easy, now that I am a parent I would have to find a way to balance out school, work, home chores, and caring for my little one.
I have learned throughout my semester back in college, I could not do it with even working part time hours. I started focusing more on school and making it my top priority.
Now that I think I am finally on the right path, nothing can stop me
Created By
Pricilla Guerrero


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