Reflection Letter THANK YOU

Dear Professor Moody,

Throughout this class I learned my strengths and weaknesses in all the assignments thrown my way. This semester was definitely a learning process for me but now that I am at the end, I feel good about everything I have done and think I have improved immensely. I have learned several things about new technological ways of writing as well as exactly how to research to fill the paper with facts and information to tell the world what I think about the specific ideas and why I think that way.

Through all of the essays and assignments this semester, I definitely had to think outside the box!

Easy vs. Difficult

One of the essay assignments we were given was to write about a documentary. While this was very difficult because of the way we were supposed to write it, it was my favorite assignment. The documentary that I decided to watch was “Hungry for Change.” This was a documentary about people that are hungry for a change in their lifestyle when it comes to how to lose weight. I enjoyed this assignment because I enjoyed researching this topic which is what made this essay my favorite. I also liked how creative we got to be with it and everything we got to include in it, like the pictures and videos.

Another part of this course was an annotated bibliography. I found this the most difficult part of the course. I have never been good with citing sources which made this part of the course even more difficult for me. We had to have five sources in our annotated bibliography and I felt like I would never get done with it. Contrary to my belief, I did finish it and I am very happy with the finished product. While I did not enjoy the project while doing it, looking back on it now I am having that I was pushed out of my comfort zone and learned how to do it.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Even after going through this course, I still have my weaknesses. I still struggle in the area of research. Whenever I am researching things I would always go to the first couple of websites I saw and took whatever information they had and I ran with it. Now I know that I cannot do that. I have to find reliable and trustworthy sources that have facts that are actually correct, don’t just sound good. I learned this with the third essay. I knew the topic of immunizations was a very controversial topic and I knew I was going to have to have reliable facts and sources which made research vital.

I also have seen my strengths throughout this source. I have always been a strong writer and sometimes even enjoy writing. Though this became more difficult with the struggle of how exactly to write about the idea I was given. I was pushed to improve, and I did. I still consider this one of my strengths and think that I will only continue to improve.

You were always so willing to help!

A special thanks!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I learned several things and have loved the opportunity of improving in any way that I can. I also really enjoyed having you, Ms. Moody, as my teacher for the course. When I was choosing my classes for this semester I was very hesitant about taking online courses and if I would enjoy it. I am very glad that I chose to do it online with you as my teacher. I loved how you were always available to help us with anything and everything throughout the class. You understood that I was not very good with technology and you were always patient and willing to work with me. I also like how organized the class was and loved that we got a schedule right at the beginning so we knew what to expect. I would recommend this class to anyone and would encourage them to have you as a teacher! Thank you for everything this semester.


Josie Swearingen

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Josie Swearingen


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