The One Night The Story of Susanne. Written by Vivin Sudharsan

The news came to me in the middle of the night. I was sleeping on my cot when heard a very loud noise. I ignored it and fell back asleep, but then a steward wearing a boiler suit came to my room came to my room and told me the ship was sinking. I changed out of my dressing gown into a pinafore dress.

"Blimey!" I shouted

"Ma'am, we have just hit an iceberg, the compartments are filled with water!" The steward coax me to evacuate the room.

It was all like cinema to me. An unsinkable ship that was, sinking? As I rushed up the stairs I noticed everyone trying to open the 3rd class gate. One bloke even rammed a bench into it. As I passed the kitchen, cling wrap and icing sugar fell out of the cupboards. Biscuits and sweets were all over the floor. There was so many things I bet I could have made a sandwich cake. People were running in and out of the lift like they were being chased by a lorry. It was a chaotic.

"Do you need some help?" I asked one person trying to open the gate.

"Do you think?" He yelled back.

"Ok, don't be so rude." I loosened my hair and used the hairpin to unlock the gate lock.

Mum and Papa were already out of the room before I was awake. Had they ran away? Had they forgotten about me? Had they become selfish and stopped caring for their? There were questions bouncing around in my mind. In fact I was so distracted I ran into a draughts table.

I got out onto the top deck and made my way to the main deck. There were constables everywhere. Trying to calm down the passengers attempting to get on one of the lifeboats. There was a strong sent of oil in the air. The source of the smell was coming from one of the gas lamps that had fell and burst into flames.

I had located mum and papa, they were trying to save me a spot on the last life boat, but the I only figured out as we were being lowered that papa would not be able to get on a boat. It seemed only a fortnight ago that we was in our flat in England living life when papa came back from work and told us we had tickets to go on the R.M.S. Titanic. I didn't know what was going to happen but we were told that we would be back on for breakfast. Only God knows our fate now.

"Papa will you be okay?" I asked in the last moments we were together.

"I'll be fine my dear, this ship is supposed to be unsinkable," He said bravely, "I'm just staying on to help the remaining women and children."

After one more goodbye, we headed out from the ship.

Fancy Schmancy British Words: Cot(Bed), Boiler Suit(Coveralls), Dressing Gown(Bathrobe), Pinafore Dress(Jumper), Blimey(NAW/No way), Cinema(Drama/Movie), Bloke(Person), Cling Wrap(Plastic Wrap), Icing Sugar(Confectioners’ Sugar), Cupboards(Cabinets), Biscuits(Cookies), Sweets(Candy), Sandwich Cake(Layer Cake), Lift(Elevator), Lorry(Big Rig), Draughts(Chess/Checkers), Constables(Police Officers), Mum(Mom), Papa(Dad), Fortnight(Two Weeks), Flat(Apartment).

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