ISIS Conflict Nathan Salmonson

This is taking place from northern Syria to central iraq, they want their own Islamic state, and the political geography is Iraq and Syria
Islam's are the people involved, they are looking for a place to live, but it is all desert, they are fighting over land and it is effecting everyone, they are scare ISIS will bomb them.
The United States, Russia, Iran and the Kurds are the political situation. At first they were the Sunni, back in 2004. ISIS wants their own state for just Islams. ISIS wants sovereignty. In 1999 ISIS really started, then became the Sunni terror group in 2004, and then became ISIS in 2013.
The US should be concerned because ISIS has bombs. The US has bombed them though, and they should keep bombing them.
The US and Russia should make a peace agreement for this to end. No solution has happened yet.

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