Annual and Perennial Plants What are Annuals and Perennials?


An annual is a plant that completes its life cycle, from germination to the production of seed, within one year, and then dies. All roots, stems and leaves of the plant die annually. Only the dormant seed bridges the gap between one generation and the next.


Perennial plants provide flowers in our gardens year after year. They are planted to create colourful borders, which peak in interest in summer and early autumn. However, perennials can also provide colour through much of the year with careful planning and planting. The term perennials is often used by gardeners to exclude woody plants (trees, shrubs and sub-shrubs). However, ‘perennial’ just means plants that live for many years, so can be applied to woody plants too

Herbaceous perennials die back in late autumn and early winter. The roots then survive below ground during winter, shooting again in spring. Well known examples include delphinium, geranium, miscanthus (an ornamental grass) and sedum.

Some perennials are known as evergreens. Evergreens are plants that retain green leaves throughout the year. Some examples of evergreens include most species of conifer such as pine, hemlock and blue spruce. holly, cycads and eucalyptus are also evergreen perennials.

TASK: Create a poster using the information on this webpage and the useful links below.

Success Criteria: Your poster should include...

  1. A brief description of what an annual is.
  2. A brief description of what a perennial is.
  3. A photo of an annual plant and a photo of a perennial plant.
  4. Photos should be labelled to say what kind of plant they are.

Useful links:

Upload your poster to Lino (using the button below) and peer assess each others posters using WWW and EBI.

Extension Task: Add information about the needs of one annual and one perennial plant.

Think about,,, :

  1. What sort of environment your chosen plant grows best in i.e. a shady spot or in full sun.
  2. What type of soil they grow best in.
  3. How often they need water.

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