The Dream Country Greece, Santorini

I dreamed my whole life to go to Greece, Santorini in my honeymoon. Santorini is the charming island that lies at the center of the Cyclades Islands. Right at Greece's window to the Aegean Sea, Santorini is famous being a great holiday maker. I got married on 26 of December 2015, and the weather in Santorini in December is so cold, so we decided to go to Santorini in the summer. Before I finish my final exams on May, 2016, my husband just told me “Get your bags ready we are traveling to Santorini after your exams.” It was a really surprise for me because I forget about the trip. After my exams we flight to Athens for 5 hours, and then we took a plane from Athens to Santorini for about 30 minutes to 1 hour, I was so exited I didn’t sleep I just wanted to be in Santorini as fast as possible. We went to the hotel which was in the south of Santorini and it was so beautiful I can’t even describe how beautiful it was. It was almost night so we ate our dinner then we went to sleep. The next day we ate the breakfast and then we went to the beach and it was so quiet and the restaurants were all in front of the beach. After eating the lunch in one of the restaurant there we went back to the hotel to pack our stuff so we will move to the next amazing hotel which is in the city which is in the North where all the shops located. There was a restaurant there doing the most delicious Shawarma I ever eat in my life. We walked a lot in the city we love it so much, and the people were so kind and respectful. We have the ability to see the sunset and everyone knows that the sunset in Santorini is one of the most beautiful sunset in the world, some people traveling to Santorini only to see the sunset its so beautiful. The third and last day, we ate our breakfast in a small popular restaurant called Donkey it was the last delicious breakfast before we fly.

The Honeymoon Hotel in Greece
The amazing pool in the room
The sunset is the best in Santorini
The most beautiful sunset
Taking a quick shower in the pool
The colors of the sky are unbelievable
First breakfast in Santorini
The view is so beateful
The houses is so white
The most delicious Shawarma I ate in my life
The library is Santorini makes you feel you'r reading at home
The second hotel in the town

I wish to go back to Santorini, I think if I went there I will not come back, I loved it that much. I loved the food, people, and weather. I recommend it so much and its not for couples, every family can go too. I didn't want to leave the country while I was there.


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