Camisard Rebellion By: Matthew Evers


The Camisard rebellion had two main goals and that was, social and political but no economic change. This would not make it a true revolution.


Before the Rebellion

This man was important to the start of this rebellion because of his poor treatment of Protestant religion. This is the man who made sure that France was a one religion country and made it catholic only. His name was Louis XIV
He was able to legalize this by making the Edict of Nantes and this officially made the religion of France Catholic. It allowed oppression to protestants

Social Concequences

In 1685, at the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, Protestant churches were destroyed and pastors exiled. Lay people took over, lay preachers preached in secretly-held gatherings and prophets talked under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit

Because of this law Persecution was legal for ordinary people and this resulted in many protestants leaving France to find a place with religious toleration.

The ones who stayed wanted to fight back....

These reasons was why the Camisard Rebellion happened in France and they were able to handle their own against Louis XIV due to modern day techniques in warfare

The Camisards were severely out numbered by the royal army so they used Guerrilla warfare to attack them. They held there own against them for a decent amount of time.

Even with this advantage in combat this was still not enough and the rebellion that started in 1702 was ended in 1715 when most of their leaders were captured and killed.

There is a reason that this was called a rebellion and not a revolution.

It has the political side with trying to get rid of the Edict of Nantes. The end of persecution for protestants was under the social category. It is only missing one aspect to call it a revolution.

The Camisards looked over their economic system at the time and that was Feudalism. Since they had no interest in changing that it is not considered a revolution.

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