China Dustin Weiss, Justin Higgins, Tyler Shaw, Mason Helsel, Briana Degenhart

Our company is American Rice Cakes and we want to sell Chocolate Rice Cakes with vending machines

The U.S. trade surplus with China is $29.5 billion. China's largest import and export is electrical equipment and computer equipment. Other exports include furniture, vehicles and clothing.

There are high tariffs on American products


Beijing (capital), Shanghai, and Chongqing are the three largest cities in China

Infrastructure development remains a top priority for China's government, which has long recognized that a modern economy runs on reliable roads and rails, electricity, and telecommunications. From the late 1990's to 2005, 100 million Chinese benefited from power and telecommunications upgrades.


The country's population is 1.357 billion. Standard Chinese is the main language. You can get by speaking English if you live in Beijing, but Chinese is spoken much more

The major occupations are industry, services and agriculture

Unemployment has tripled to 12.9% since 2012


The traditional greeting is a handshake or a simple kind salutation

Dress: straight collared, with coiled buttons down the front

Food: Sweet and sour pork, Gong Bao Chicken

Geography: China has great physical diversity. The east and south of the country consists of fertile lowlands and foothills, and is the location of most of China's agricultural output and human population.

Religion: Taoism, Confucianism, Islam, Christianity

Culture and Business: The Chinese believe that you should kneel instead of shaking hands, always maintain eye contact, and always take your shoes off before going in someones house. They have obvious gender roles and they always expect gifts before a business meeting.

Corporate Biography: "Yum!" has their headquarters in China. They own KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut. They believe in long-term pay and working hard to earn what you deserve. "Yum!" has stores in the U.S. and Europe.

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