England Garden Tour May 22 2019

Chartwell was Winston Churchill’s much adored home and retreat from the pressures of the world. We loved the history of the place, the decor, the plantings and the peacefulness you felt here~ unlike a castle it was somewhere you could actually live. Filled with photographs of world leaders, military personnel and family photos, we got a glimpse of this statesman and how he shaped the world and was a vital piece of ending the war.

The pool Winston built by hand fed by a stream

The chair under the red tree is where Winston would escape to for contemplation and to feed the fish in the pond

The playhouse Winston built for his daughter complete with a small fireplace

Inside the playhouse

The livingroom

Donor friends who helped save Chartwell when it floundered financially.

Glenna, Karen and Nancy


One of the prettiest views of Chartwell

Churchill’s studio where he loved to paint ~

His cigar and glass of whiskey on the table as though he just stepped out for a second

After a delicious lunch at Chartwell, we headed southeast to the English coast and the Whitecliffs of Dover. Dover Castle has for many years been an important military stronghold and protection from outside forces. Only 21 miles from the coast of France (which we could see today!) this humongous fortification was instrumental to Britain during World War11 in planning and brainstorming the military plans. Over 2000 soldiers lived underground in the Secret Wartime tunnels. No pictures were allowed within the tunnels but the presentation was fascinating.

The command center for operations

Over 338,000 men were saved in operation Dynamo. A call went out to every available boat to rescue the soldiers in Dunkirk

The sprawling castle has stood the test of time throughout the years as a strategic protection point for Britain. Inside we climbed to see the kitchen, Kings bedroom, and the “well room” where we could peer down to the bottom of the 400 foot well. As water was poured down into we could hear it land 10 seconds later it was so deep!!

Created By
Julie Bartz