Rock Strata Creator: Jocelyn Gomez

Rock Strata

Where are the oldest fossils located? They're towards the bottom. Scientists can tell how old the fossils are by radioactive date.

Ancient Crocodile
Crocodile today

What do the ancient crocodile and the crocodile today have in common? They both have long tails. They're used for balance. I conclude that the crocodile did get smaller over time. Yes, I think they're related because it looks exactly like the one today but larger. I think the ancestor is older than 1,000,000 years because it's way more larger than the one today.

Human Embryo
Elephant Embryo
Dog Embryo
Mouse Embryo

What are the similiarties of these embryos? They all have legs, head, and eyes. What are the differences? One of them has a tail, different shape of body. What two embryos are closely related? I think the dog and the human are related because their body shape looks alike.

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