"Pet Love" By Taylor Potter

“Pet Love”

Do you have a pet,like maybe a cat or a dog,or well any other animal that you have?Why do we have pets?Well this is why I believe we have pets.You need someone to play with when your bored and I think that one reason is when there's no one to play with we always have our pets.Another reason is because when you're going through a rough situation like your parents are getting divorced or your friend is moving away you always have your best friend,your pet.

“Curiosity killed the cat.”

Are certain types of cats endangered?My parents were on their honeymoon when they were driving home they passed a mud puddle and heard a tiny whisper”meow”.They stopped and turned around they saw a kitten in the mud puddle and decided to help it.They brought it back to health and remember it had no Mother,Father,or any brothers or sisters.We believe that it was 3 weeks old when my parents found it.They brought it back and we named him spaz and it's 2016 and we still have him.

“Cats choose us;we dont own them.”

Should we take more care of cats than other animals?I believe that we should take care of all of the animals the same way because animals/pets all have the same type of behavior and this chain of events about animals hunting each other is because they have no choice and your cat may be the prey of a predator one day or maybe your dog,we also need to be carful of the ones we love to so make sure to love the ones you care for,so that is why I believe we should take care of all of the animals equally.

“I used to love dogs before I discovered cats.”

Do cats help or disturb the environment?I believe that they do both because some cat are wild and they hunt prey and that may be one reason why they disturb the environment.They also help the environment by eating plants when they are very hungry.They can also disturb the enviroment by destroying trees and another reason why they help the enviroment is that they also reproduce cats and that helps the enviroment because of carbon dioxside. These are some reasons why we love pets and pets give us a lot of human love so we should give them a lot of “Pet Love”.

All of the Cats in the universe!


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