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Significant events that happened in the history of Queensland

1770:Captain Cook sails along and maps the eastern coastline in the ` Endeavour ‘ .

1823: Sir Thomas governor of New South Wales.

1824: John Oxley travels up to Brisbane River to camp at Breakfast Creek.

1825: The Moreton Bay convict settlement is established in Red Cliffe .

1828-1830: This Windmill and a Commissariat store are the only convict built structures left in Queensland .

1837: Explorer Andrew Petrie and his family arrived on the ` James Watt ‘ at Mireton Bay.

1842: Moreton Bay is now Officially a free settlement.

1851: the first wool in Moreton Bay is now exported to England .

1859: Queen Victoria signs the letters approving Queensland to be established.

1860: The first Queensland elections are held and lead by Robert Geoge Wyndham Herbert.

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