Patricia Valverde

  • Introduction
  • Influences of the world in Van Gogh's paintings
  • Influential people in his life
  • Van Gogh's technique
  • The Starry Night
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

We have been studying Vincent Van Gogh and his techniques and in this proyect I am going to talk about himself and his paintings.

Vincent Van Gogh was born in The Netherlands the 30th of March, 1853 and died the 29th of July, 1890. He has considered one of the best painters of the history of the art. He succeeded on this for a short amount of time, he painted during a period of 10 years. After this he had detected a mental disorder and he comitted suicide. His paintings really started to success even more after his death.
Influences of the world
  • Vincent was a very observative person, he analyzed all he saw in great detail. Traveling to different cities and learning from other cultures influenced him. But he was also influenced by other things.
  • Impressionism and Post Impressionism influenced on his paintings in the way that he started giving more color to his paintings, and he gave the paintings life, because before his paintings were very dark and he only used dark colours.
  • Japanese printmaking was also one of the main sources that influented him. This paintings taught him a different way of looking at the world. " And we would not be able to study Japanese art, it seems to me, without becoming much happier and much more cheerful, and it also makes you return to nature, despite our education and our work in a world of convention" he told this to his brother Theo in 1888 after living this Japanese art. But, Vincent did not pay attention to this Japanese tings at first. InNetherlands there were onl a few artists that studied Japanese art, but in Paris it was the opposite, and it was there where he discovered this. Vincent began his admiration to this Japanese Art by buying a stack of woodcuts in Antwerp and pinning them into the walll of his room


Influential people in his life.
  • During his life Vincent Van Gogh was influenced by a huge amount of artists.
  • His first influence and the one he most appreciated was Millet, Dutch painter of the famous Angelus. Millet background had an enormous influence on the subject That Vincent worked on. Millet one said " I was born as a peasant and shall die as a peasant" Vincent was always identified with the peasent so this made Vincent be interested in millet. he began studying Millet works in 1880 and this studies helped him to learn enough disciplines to paint. He said once " Millet is father Millet, counselor and mentor in everything for young artists" So millet was his most important influence and the one he most appreciated.
  • he also got influence from Rembrandt. Also when he went to Paris he met Toulouse- Lautrec, Bernard..... ( a group of impressionist) who also influenced him.
Van Gogh's technique
  • "Impasto is a painting term that refers to the use of thickly textured, undiluted, paint that appears almost three-dimensional on the canvas. When an artist uses the impasto technique they usually leave visible brush strokes on the finished painting. They apply the undiluted color to the canvas, frequently with a palette knife, and mix colors on the canvas to attain the desired color. When the painting is viewed from the side the paint is seen sticking out from the canvas in globs." Van Gogh used this technique, he used this technique but not only to add dimension to the painting, but also to add movement and emotion to them.
  • More techniques he used: he did horizontal lines to get harmony, also did perspective lines and you could then see the perspective he gave to the painting. Some colours he used and maybe he mixed them were: yellows, orange, red, blues, greens and white.
The Starry Night

This is one of the most important paintings Vincent painted. In th painting we can contemplate a series of characteristics that define Vincent's style and feelings. It is important to mention the thick and prominent strokes that gives movement and drama to the painting. Also how he plays with geometry ( shapes), we can see that he gives a circle shape to the stars, which is quite strange. We can also appreciate contrast with light and dark, he uses all bright colours for the sky and then dark colours for the city. This represents how gloomy the world looks as compared to the bright night sky. So you can easily see this contrast. Also there is a huge dominance of the colour blue in the whole painting. So it gives us a clear image of the silent and slept village and the dominant sky.


Vincent Van Gogh is a great artist, and we can see in his paintings that he define his feelings. He has great techniques that really let you impressed when you see a painting of him. We learnt about his influences but, he has also been influence for a lot of artists. And it is increadible to say that even though he is dead, we still learn from them and he is still very important for the Art world.



Created with images by La case photo de Got - "Autoportrait, Vincent Van Gogh" • Ed Bierman - "Vincent van Gogh Dutch, 1853-1890 Self-Portrait, 1887" • Three-shots - "statue japan japanese" • Christopher S. Penn - "Van Gogh's Starry Night"

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