Our semester in English 6! By Jose Carlos Nango, Tayde sUÁREZ AND Jose Nolasco

We started our adventure in English 6 on January 11th with Mr. Alvaro. In our first day he gave us a kahoot and a presentation.

We saw many topics, but this were our favorites! and our favorites words from the vocabulary of each one

Money Free

  1. Consume
  2. Sweatshop
  3. Forage
  4. Barter
  5. Dumpster
  6. Livelihood

Watch the space

  1. Inspire
  2. Public Relation
  3. Prototype
  4. Giant
  5. Public Relation
  6. Launch
  7. Infrastructure

Password Protect

  1. Compile
  2. Blackmail
  3. Identity Theft
  4. Hack
  5. Monitor
  6. Scam
  7. Database

A new look at learning

  1. Account
  2. College
  3. Pressure
  4. Distractions
  5. Into debt
  6. Own schedule

Just Animals???

  1. Natural Habitat
  2. In Captivity
  3. The wild
  4. Endangered species
  5. Smugglers

The Critical Consumer

  1. Sweatshop
  2. Forage
  3. Factory farming
  4. Barter
  5. Dumpster
  6. Livelihood

A critical Eye

  1. Trend
  2. Genre
  3. Juxtaposition
  4. Unconventional
  5. Controversial
  6. Symbolism

In english 6 we saw A LOT of topics, some were new for us and others were just like a rewatching. Some of our favorite topics were:

Negative Questions

  • It is a question that is used to confirm a belief. Example Isn't that a new jacket? i have never seen before.
  • It is use to show surprise about something. Example Haven't you heared about this band? They play amazing
  • Express an opinion. Isn't this a beutiful dress?

Future Perfect Passive

Is the final result of an actionj that is in a period of time.

  1. By Monday, The job will have been finished
  2. The first prize will have been won
  3. The roof will have been repaired

Future Perfect Progressive

  1. By midnight, you will have been dancing for 4 hours.
  2. By dinner, she will have been cooking the whole afternoon.
  3. He will have been working there for 10 years by 2015.


The reduction it is used to omit the subject of the dependent clause and the be form of the verb.

  1. He wrote his first book after recovering from a major illness.
  2. He feeds the cats before going to work.
  3. Being late, she didn’t get tickets for the show.


The subjunctive mood is a verb mood typically used in subordinate clauses to express various states of unreality such as wish, emotion, possibility, judgment, opinion, necessity, or action that has not yet occurred.

  1. Dad asks that she come immediatly.
  2. Fred advises that Sue not take this job, it is too dangerous.
  3. It is vital that John take those pills twice a day.

In English 6 we used many apps to innovate and use our creativity to explore more the topics like

We use Adobe Spark to create projects, Wallame and Zoom to do an activity of oral communication and Socrative to do the inter partials exams
We did an origami and we created a story about that animal, it was awesome!

The last thing was our presentantion in which we danced and sung. In the video we are singing the Frank Sinatra`s song "I love you baby"

Our Conclution

For us, this semester has given us a lot of new knowledge and it has much to do with the classroom environment, the new things we share in class like using some apps for projects, or platforms or singing in public too; but first in our opinion, it have much to do with the teacher, we had in the way he tried to teach us in didactic manners but above all, in the way he tried to involve and make us feel interested in class... and he get it!

The teacher Alvaro has been a good teacher in our 2 semester, with him we learn a lot and sincerely we love the class, we think that it was one of our favorites class because teacher Alvaro always came with a smile in his face and we can see that he love to share his knowledge with us.

We are going to miss you teacher Alvaro

May the force be with you

Created By
José Carlos Nango


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