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Article #1 ( Sequence )

My Major is Creative Writing 1. Creative Writing 1 is the beginners class of Creative Writing. When in Creative Writing 1 our teacher teaches us the basics, for example Poetry. When understanding Poetry there are lots of steps in completing it. Most people in The U.S tend to struggle with Poetry comprehension. Hearing peoples feelings in writing can be easy. On the other hand, explaining someones inside feelings can be hard which is exactly what poetry is about.

The mood and tone of a poem gives off a lot of feelings from the author. Studies show that 99.9% of people are effected after reading poetry. By finding the mood and tone your developing a deeper meaning of a specific poem. When in the process of understanding poetry people need as much information in order to fully understand poetry.

The first step in understanding poetry is finding the gist of each stanza. The best way to do this is reading the poem out loud to yourself. This helps because us as human beings have to hear things to completely process the idea. Sometimes you might have to re read the poem a couple of times, until you get the best understanding .

This quote is inspiration to not give up because of mistakes, it mean be continuous. This is also saying that poetry isn't always writen in the poet intentions.

Article #2 (Compare and Contrast)

Poetry and short story writing are two main focuses in Creative Writing 1. Although they are the main focuses they are very different in many ways. Poetry and story writing are the same because they are both a form of writing. They are different because they use different elements, also. They have many more differences and similarities.

The main difference between Poetry and Story writing is that poetry focuses on emotions more than story writing does. When writing a story you dont but specifically write about emotions or feelings. Another major different is that poetry is made up of Lines and Stanzas, instead of paragraphs and Chapters. One Last important difference between these two forms of writing is that story writing uses complete sentences. While poetry skips thoughts and details. There are many more deferences than I listed, but its time to move on to the similarities.

The similarities of the two different writings are not as strong facts as their differences. Story writing and Poetry are that they both can be published for reading.

This is an example if a compare and comtrast chart.

ARticle #3 (Descriptive)

Poetry has a Unique format. When reading poetry people unlock many emotions of the poet. Poetry is mainly all about the poet and their feelings or feelings in general. Some people, such as kids know exactly what they want to write about. It is the difficulty they achieve trying to express themselves.

Poetry is a form of art. It is a different type of writing, because all forms of writing does not have strong impacts on their audience. Poetry's meaning has a lot of depth. Its depth is based on the theme of the poem. All of poetry is in the Poets hands.

Most people use poetry to express their emotions in writing. Poets depend on using imagery because that is how readers pick up the emotional touch. Imagery is when a poet uses their five scenes to try and paint a mental picture for the reader. Rhyme Scheme and word choice also has a big impact on the readers POV on the poem. Poetry is unique in its own way.


This is a diagram of the main elements used to create poetry. Some of these elements are in writien in Article 3.



Article #2, Elements: Something that is a characteristic or an essential.

Article #3, Express: To reveal a thought or feeling in words.

Article #1, Gist: The centeral theme/ essence of the text

Article #3, Depth: How detailed something is

Article #2, Lines: Unit of language which a poem is divided into

Article #2, Stanzas: A grouped set of lines within a poem

Article #1, Comprehension: to understand something

Article #3, Rhyme Scheme: at the end of every line, phrase, or verse the words rhymes.

Article #1, Developing: means to gradually grow.

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