Dreading the morning commute...? there is another way...

We've all been there - rushing to get the train, waiting on the platform in the cold and rain. When it arrives it is so full that you have to stand for thirty minutes until you can escape.

And you do the same thing for the journey home.

261 times a year.

The apprehension may have already begun in bed before leaving the house, but the horror really sinks in as you arrive at the train station...

Waiting on the often dirty platform, in the British weather, with all the other commuters moaning and wondering whether the train will arrive on time...

If you're lucky enough to get a seat you'll still have a newspaper or a rug sack creeping into your face...

Depressing isn't it? These are hours of your life that you will never ever get back...

There is an answer though...

MyWorkSpot in Maidenhead offers the solution.

Why not read about the 5 reasons why corporate commuters should try coworking at our website...?

...or better still drop in to MyWorkSpot and experience this flexible way of working for yourself?

visit our website www.myworkspotuk.com

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