A virtual vacation We asked for your scenic photos and you've responded. Photos submitted by alumni, students and friends from all over the world. Sit back, get comfy and take the tour.

Sunset by Carol Van Handel near Townsend, WI.

Photo by Jason Stuempges, '09, Jason Ray Photography, on Sveum Ridge Road just outside Coon Valley, WI. It's often referred to as Haugen Hill, after the Haugen brothers who occupied the house and land. "I chose this photo because I was born and raised in Coon Valley, and the hills surrounding the town will always be home to me."
Photo by Ben Pfiffner, of the Cass Street Bridge in La Crosse.
Photo by Pete Gifford, '02, in Maui, HI. It was Gifford’s first attempt at astrophotography. "Anytime I experiment with something new in photography,” he says, “I think of my first photo professors, Mac and Roger, and the lessons they taught."
Photos by Dawn Demaske, '03 ,in Bryce Canyon National Park and Death Valley National Park. "I was on a two-week trip out west in February this year, doing what I love: traveling and taking photos,” she says.
Photos by retired photography Professor Roger Grant. Top, Blue Bridges in Gold, La Crosse. “For a brief window around the summer solstice, the sun sets in the northwest, casting a golden glow on the iconic blue bridges,” he says. “The effect is so unusual and striking that it prompted a visit with my camera during the few minutes of opportunity.” Bottom, Bridges and Yellow Boathouse, Foggy Morning. “The Mississippi River bridges are the subject again — this time from the other side of the river during a fall morning as fog was lifting,” he says. “Fog is a beautiful atmospheric that simplifies compositions and creates a unique mood.”
Photo by alumnus John Maniaci. The sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean on the island of Terceira, Azores, Portugal, in Oct. 2017. A beautiful scene and memory from his 10-year wedding anniversary.
Photo by Beth Komisarekf on the Amalfi coast, Italy.
Photo by Tim Andrews outside his house near Pike National Forest, CO.
Photo by Katy Robbins in Glacier National Park, MT.
Left, photo by Kylie Lynne Severson in Zermatt, Switzerland. Right, photo by Christine Manno in Angers, France.
Photo by Victoria Lynn at Spacek Cranberry Lake, Phillips, WI.
Photo by Heather Holm at Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland.
Photo by Peyton Medick, showing desert rain in Moab, UT.
Photo by Victoria Campbell in Alpbach, Austria, during a semester studying abroad.
Photo by Thomas Rogina overlooking the Jordanelle Reservoir and Deer Valley Resort in Park City, UT.
Left, photo by Alyssa Sachs of the Cass Street Bridge. Right, photo by Nick Hetebrueg in Chefchaouen, Morocco.
Photo by Josh Rostek, showing a sunrise on the shores of Lake Michigan at Rock Island State Park, WI.
Photo by Jennifer Fritz Priem in Arches National Park, UT.
Photo by Karen L. Daniel on Green Turtle Cay, one of the barrier islands off mainland Great Abaco, Bahamas.
Photo by Cate Wiza in Salamanca, Spain
Photo by Carly Jo Sprouse at Lake Junaluska, NC.
Left, Photo by Adria Braley. Laguna 69 outside of Huaraz, Peru captured during a study abroad semester in 2017. Right, photo by Katie McNeely at Grand Lake, Colorado.
Photo by Megan Marie in Peru.
A sunset overlooking La Crosse by Deya Oritz.
Photo by Eric Thoe at Lower Falls Yellowstone National Park, WY.
Photo by Missey Milos in Rome, Italy.