Our Earth's Rocks A Rocky Road

In the world, there are different types of rocks that lay within, classified by their own origin. However, we are focused on three specific type of rocks. These Rocks are known as Sedimentary Rocks. Rocks that are formed by deposition and cementation at Earth's surface and within wet areas.

Before we go further into sedimentary rocks, it is important to know the Rock Cycle. The Rock Cycle shows all the different types of Rocks and how exactly they are formed.

As we go on, you will see the different examples of different types of Sedimentary Rocks

Example #1// Limestone

A Limestone Rock

A limestone rock is a type of sedimentary rock. It is composed from the mineral Calcite. Limestones come from organic debris of shells, corals, algae etc. It is commonly formed in warm, clear, shallow waters.

Where some limestone rocks are located.

Example #2// Conglomerate

A Sandstone Rock

A Sanstone Rock is another type of a sedimentary rock. It is a clastic rock composed mainly of sand-sized minerals or rock grains. They can be found in desert areas as well as beaches.

Areas where Sandstone rocks can be found

Example #3// Shale

A Shale Rock

A shale rock is a sedimentary rock that is formed from mud or clay and can be split easily. They are often found in lakes and lagoons.

Areas where Shale rocks can be found.

Other than Sedimentary rocks, another one of earth's rocks is Metamorphic. It is a transformation of pre-existing rocks. The original rock is subjected to very high heat and pressure, which causes these changes.

Example #1// Marble

A Marble Rock

A marble rock is a non-foliated metamorphic rock that forms when a limestone is subjected to heat and pressure. These rocks can be found in European countries.

Areas where Marble rocks can be found.

Example #2// Slate

A Slate Rock

Slate is a fine-grained, foliated metamorphic rock that is created from Shale by low grade metamorphism. These rocks can be in the United States.

Areas where a Slate rock can be found

Example #3// Gneiss

A Gneiss Rock

Gneiss is a type of rock that is formed by high grade regional metamorphism subjected to higher temperatures and pressures than Schist. These rocks can be found in places like New England.

Areas where you can find a Gneiss Rock

Lastly, another type of rock on our Earth is none other than Igneous Rocks. Igneous Rocks are formed by cooling and solidification of magma and lava.

Example #1// Pumice

A Pumice Rock

A Pumice is a very light volcanic rock formed when lava solidifies rapidly. These rocks can be found near Volcanic areas

Volcanic Areas where Pumice Rocks can be found.

Example #2// Gabbro

A Gabbro Rock

A Gabbro rock is a dark colored coarse grained igneous rock. Gabbros are intrusive igneous rocks that cool slowly and have coarse grained crystals. These rocks can be found near mid ocean ridges.

Where Gabbro rocks can be found.

Example #3// Basalt

A Basalt Rock

A Basalt Rock is a dark colored, fine grained, igneous rock composed of Pyroxene minerals etc.

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