Juno By: Brynn Mazzaferro

My Goddess name is Juno. Her powers were watching over all the aspects of the women's lives. She also protected the nation as a whole. Juno was the Roman Goddess. She was the Goddess who made people remember and the Goddess who alerted people.

Juno had a lot of relatives. Some of her siblings were Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Vesta, and Ceres. Some of her children were Mars, Vulcan, and Bellona. Her husband is Jupiter. Her parents were Saturn.

My Goddess was the Roman Counterpart. She was equivalent to Hera the Greek Goddess. They were similar because they are both worshipped as the goddesses of marriage and childbirth. They were both different because Juno was the Roman Goddess and Hera was the Greek Goddess. Juno also had the title, The Moon Goddess.

Here are some fun facts about Juno!!!!!!

My citations are Shmoomp, Wikipedia, Google, Ancient history Encyclopedia......


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