Mars By Connor

This is Mars. the fourth planet from the Sun.
This is comparing Earth to Mars and what it is made of.

This is a real Mars rover video showing what is on Mars and this rover is from NASA.

This is showing the seasons on mars.Mars has the same seasons that we do on Earth. It takes 24 hours and 37 min for mars to oribit around the sun.
Some people think there is aliens on is a photo showing something on Mars.
This is how Earth is different from Mars

This video is about Mars and its moons.

This Is showing the layers of Mars.
This is comparing earth to mars. It looks like earth has water but mars does not.
People use to think that there was plants and water on mars. Those people who thought that were right.
I like this photo because it is showing me mars's rotations axis. It takes 687 earth days to rotate.
This photo is showing how far mars is from the sun. It looks like it is 142,000,000 miles away or (229,000,000 km).
Mars rocky bottom.
Mars is smaller than earth. 8 mars wuold fit in side the earth.
Mars has no rings.
Photos of mars and photos of mars's moon


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