Alternative Fuels Club Atkins Academic & Technology High School

In 2009, the Atkins Alternative Fuels Club was established to compete for the Go-Green Go-Kart competition. Now, the Atkins Alternative Fuels Club is working towards being able to compete in the Shell Eco Marathon for the 2017-2018 school year.
Testing efficiency in the motor
The Alternative Fuels Club challenges students to apply what they have learned in school to entirely new situations. We pull knowledge from all branches of the student experience; everything from the design process taught in Project Lead the Way engineering classes to image design skills from the art department are used across many areas of the club.
We are now in the process of finalizing our electronics, working on building a second motor controller, for single phase to show our understanding of pulse width modulation. This will let us experiment the differences between motors and battery/control systems.
The fiberglass plug for our future car
Matthew explaining our 3 phase motor controller.
We have also been making progress on the chassis and body of the vehicle, we are now in the process of welding together a frame and mounting steering/drive components.
Wake welding the rolling chassis

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