The Korean War By Kinga and Victoria

Green: The Korean Peninsula

The Korean war was a war that happened on the Korean Peninsula which is today called North Korea and South Korea.

  • The war occured in the years of 1950 till 1953

The war was between the world's biggest superpowers going against one another.

  • The United States, Soviet Union, and China were the major superpowers.
  • The United Nations, North Korea, and South Korea were the other countries involved.

The war all started when North Korea crossed the 38th Parallel and invaded the democratic South Korea.

  • North Korea's army was equipped with Soviet Union's weapons and tanks.
  • The United States came quickly to help South Korea fight off.

North Korea during the war...

Kim II-Sung was North Korea's former dictator.

  • After being defeated he ruled his country with an iron fist, which caused the country to go into more poverty and authoritarianism.
  • Kim II-Sung joined a communist youth organization. (Causes of his arrests)
  • He is the reason behind the terrorists attacks of North Korea on South Korea's leader.
  • North Korea is in poverty today due to Kim II-Sung's ruling.

The Korean War was one the most destructive, brought economics, and social damaging war in history for every country involved.

  • The Korean countries were the ones mostly affected by the war.
  • A dramtic population decrease due to all the lives lost in the war.
  • Hardly any buildings left standing in North Korea. To this day the country is not doing so well.
  • Economic boost on Japan, due to most of the materials used in the war were from Japan.


  • China joined the Korean War in October 1950
  • China crossed the Yalu, sending thier troops to help fight off South Korea, and to help the spread of communism.
  • China became communist on October 1, 1949, which is what has infulenced the U.S. to join the war.

Currently South Korea has grown dramtically into a positive direction. As of North Korea who is strictly leaded by 3 generations of dicators, their economy is not well.

As of today the border of the two countries is one of the most protected borders in the world. The border symbolizes the tensions between the two countries.

North Korea stays communist with an extreme dictator leader, as of South Koreans live a democratic lifestyle.

The country that is currently democratic today is South Korea.

The countries differences in government were established before the war.

The Foreign Policy used in the war was CONTAINMENT.

The tension in the cold war increased DRAMATICALLY due to the Korean War.

The super powers always had differences which were shown in the war.

Even with all the lives lost through the years of the war. No one gained or lost, it was all the same as the beginning of the war.

Why such a hotspot?

Possible outcomes of the Korean war is:

  • Atomic weapons could have gotten involved
  • World War III
  • South Korea could have fell under communism and caused other countries to go communist. (Domino theory).

North Korea Today

North Korea's current dictator is Kim Jong-un

  • He specifically has the people of North Korea living in fear.
  • If anyone speaks against the government, they are sentenced to jail for life.
  • No social media
  • Music is limited
  • Suplies are distrubuted evenly.

News today:

  • Supposedly Kim Jong-un is planning on declaring war on the United States and South Korea
  • As he is placing artillery guns and pursuit planes across North Korean coastline.
  • He threatens to "bury his enemies at sea"
  • Kim Jong-un threatens to bomb the house of South Korea's former president.
  • Another threat goes towards the United State's soil.

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