Music in Motion

Dan Hedding

Name of Lesson: Music in Motion

Course and SOL - Elementary Music 2.5.2 The student will respond to music with movement, including, demonstrating expressive qualities of music, including changes in dynamics and tempo

Grade - 2nd-3rd

Learning Objective: Given musical examples, students will be able to create movements with their bodies that portray the dynamics, and tempo that they hear in the music.

Listen carefully to how the music gets loud and soft in this song! Is it sad, happy, or scary? Is it fast or slow?

This song has many different parts! Can you dance in your area to this music?

Now go explore these next sites and see what you can learn about music dynamics and tempo and the way that they affect dance!

What did you learn? Can you apply it to this next song as you create new motions?

In the final response please go back to your slide and add what you learned and how your motions to music changed after this lesson.


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